Just a few days ago, Microsoft announced that the hit game Minecraft is now playable on virtual reality, and in a few more days, Fallout 4 will be as well.

Meant To Be Seen (MTBS3D) just revealed that their free open-source VR injection driver, Vireio Perception, is going to get a major update later this week that will include support for the Oculus Rift and the OSVR kit.

Furthermore in this update, the award-winning game Fallout 4 will finally be playable on virtual reality via the aforementioned devices (with a PC of course).

Fallout 4 is a highly immersive, open-world, first-person game where the player gets to explore the world of post-apocalyptic Boston. The game's developer, Bethesda, is renowned for these kinds of games—games that have groundbreaking depth, such as the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Reports say that Vireio Perception 4.0, the new update, is the first public release of the driver that can support newer graphics API. Not included in this update, but under development, is support for the HTC Vive.

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