Thanks to cell phones, we never have to wait by the phone for an important call. They're always with us. Unfortunately, this also means that the call you've been waiting for might come at an inopportune time. We've all been there, asking politely to return a call we should have been expecting--so we can get out of the loud public area we're in--to have a more discreet conversation. However, doing that is hardly professional and totally a waste of your precious time. If you want to have the freedom to take discreet calls, with privacy, wherever you are, then you need to hear about Hushme Classic.

What's Hushme Classic?

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Hushme Classic lets you speak privately and quietly anywhere you want. That's because Hushme is designed so that you can block out external noise interference while also being able to speak safely and discreetly. Wearing the mask dampens your voice loudness so you can play video games at night, make calls, work in open space environments, learn how to speak languages online, or use it on public transportation without anyone ever hearing a word you're saying. It does this by reducing the intelligibility of your speech for the outside listener, because your voice becomes muffled when wearing it. Hushme's noise-canceling technology means you can say goodbye to children’s screaming or people talking around you. With Hushme Classic, you'll never suffer from noise leaking into the microphone during your calls ever again.

How Hushme Protects Your Privacy

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Hushme Classic is the headset that can make all your calls private and discreet. How it works is simple. you start by connecting the headset to your phone via Bluetooth technology or wired connection via minijack cable. Even though Hushme is built to allow you to have private conversations, it has two modes, Headset Mode and Mask Mode. In Hushme's Headset Mode you can put the device around your neck as a hands-free headset while either speaking on a phone or listening to music. In the device's Mask Mode, Hushme is locked over the mouth so the conversation you're having becomes confidential. It seamlessly integrates with your phone, keeping your conversations private. Hushme Classic's innovative mouth cover provides you with a comfortable and sharp-looking protective environment designed to keep your conversations private, without disturbing the peace of people you're sharing space with.

Who Is Hushme For?

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Hushme is designed for people who need to communicate on the move. We no longer step into phone booths to have conversations in private. These days, the whole world is our phone booth thanks to cell phones. Now, with Hushme Classic, you can have important conversations throughout the day knowing they will remain secret no matter where you are. Speaking of where you are, when you're stuck at work and need to get on an important call, you won't have to worry about background chatter from coworkers when using Hushme. Most importantly, you'll never be the loud, annoying guy taking a call in the co-working kitchen. And even when you are, nobody will know if you're talking about highly sensitive work details or with a friend. Hushme's also perfect for the gamer who wants to play all night without bothering anyone at home. You can stay connected to your team and complete your missions while everyone else sleeps.

So what are you waiting for, improve your calls and protect your privacy with Hushme Classic.

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