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AI Underbelly
Jun 12, 4:40 PM EDT on futurism
AI Is Being Trained on Images of Real Kids Without Consent
Not Search For Work
Apr 1, 7:00 PM EDT on the byte
Good News, Sickos! Google Says It’s Deleting Records of Your Incognito Searches
Eye of M&M
Feb 23, 4:23 PM EST on the byte
Students Horrified When Error Message Appears on Vending Machine, Revealing Something Dark
No Stone Unturned
11.29.23, 4:32 PM EST on the byte
Users Horrified as Streaming Service Tells Friends and Family What They're Watching
Encrypt Keepers
11.21.23, 1:51 PM EST on the byte
App That Turned Android’s Texts Blue Taken Down After Researchers Discover Something Horrible
10.17.23, 3:03 PM EDT on the byte
Researchers Just Found Something Terrifying About Talking to AI Chatbots
Internet of Dongs
9.6.23, 1:37 PM EDT on the byte
Internet-Connected Chastity Cage Reportedly Leaks Detailed Private Info About Users
Somebody's Watching
4.11.23, 9:44 AM EDT on the byte
Tesla Hit With Lawsuit Over Reports About Employees Watching Car Cameras
Peeping Tesla
4.6.23, 1:47 PM EDT on the byte
Tesla Employees Have Secretly Been Sharing "Intimate" Car Camera Videos
Privacy Hell Unlo...
Updated 3.14.23, 1:42 PM EDT on futurism
Creepy App Used Stolen Pictures of Dead People to Train Its Facial Recognition Algorithm
Thought Police
3.8.23, 4:23 PM EST on the byte
Legal Expert Proposes "Cognitive Liberty" to Avoid Corporate Brain Spying
Breaking: The NFL...
3.1.23, 4:13 PM EST on futurism
Lawsuit Accuses NFL of Compiling Huge Database of Lewd Photos of Women