From the beginning of the century, web design and development has been one of the most in-demand coding jobs on the planet. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that web developer jobs will grow by 13% over the next decade, nearly three times the average for most jobs. It's also becoming part of the skill set of jobs across any number of industries, with marketing professionals, IT staff, and product developers needing the skills, and can be a useful tool for a coding professional looking to expand their career options.

The 2020 Ultimate Web Developer & Design Bootcamp Bundle, available for just $40 for a limited time, will show you everything you need to know about web design and development. Built for newbies and experts alike, it'll bring you up to date on how websites are designed, built, and deployed.

HTML5 and CSS3

The Hypertext Markup Language has been the foundation of websites from the beginning of the modern web, and you'll start by learning how HTML5 builds cleaner, faster, more elegant websites. The Ultimate HTML Developer course will show you how HTML functions, and how HTML5 makes sites better.

The other half of modern websites is the Cascading Style Sheet, or CSS, which creates a separation between content and presentation. Think of HTML as a photo, and CSS as the filter you put on it. First, you'll learn the basics with Create an 8-Bit Website, which teaches you how HTML and CSS work together by building a retro game-style website, step by step. Then you'll build on it with classes like The Complete 2020 HTML5 CSS3 Course, Modern Web Design Complete HTML & CSS, and close with a CSS3 focused course, Build Responsive Real-World Websites with CSS3 v2.0.


Once you've got a mastery of HTML and CSS, you can move on to the third pillar of web design, JavaScript. JS for short, JavaScript allows you to write all sorts of useful scripts and features to make a website more thoughtful, useful, and effective. If you're new to JavaScript, start with JavaScript for Beginners: Learn with 6 Main Projects, which will show you the ropes by building and incorporating useful projects. Then JavaScript Essentials and a Web Design JavaScript Front-End Code Course will show you how to incorporate these new skills to create dynamic websites your clients will love.

Python, APIs, and GitHub

Finally, you'll delve into the more advanced aspects of site design, which will also set the stage for further career paths in IT and coding.

The Understanding APIs & RESTful APIs Crash Course discusses application programming interfaces and Representational State Transfer APIs. These tools make it simple to incorporate all sorts of features into your site with minimal programming and fast implementation while keeping code elegant and sites operating smoothly.

Python for Everybody: The Ultimate Python 3 Bootcamp will start you on your journey with Python. One of the most useful tools in computer programming, Python drives some of the most popular sites out there, and you'll learn why it's so useful in web development and beyond.

Finally, you'll learn the basics of Git and GitHub with Git Essentials: The Step-by-Step Guide to Git & GitHub Mastery. Git is useful for learning new techniques and finding answers to complicated questions, as well as storing versions of your work to prevent any mistakes from getting too out of hand. It's a fundamental piece of the coder's toolkit, and ideal to learn if you ultimately want to move on to other coding work.

Whether you've got a company website to build, want to change careers, or brush up on your skills, at 98% off, the 2020 Ultimate Web Developer & Design Bootcamp Bundle will be your handy guide to modern web design.

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