We've all experienced the bizarre quirks of memory — like where you can't recall your boss' wife's name, but you can... somehow sing an ad jingle that's been off the air for years. Why?

Too often we think of memory as one vast file cabinet. The reality: We have multiple forms of memory. The memory you draw on to remember how to ride a bike is different from the type you use to recognize that it's trash day — and we often get bound up in the details. Take, for example, the knuckle calendar, where you place your closed hands together and look at your knuckles to remember which months have 31 days. You don't have to remember the specific number of days for each month; instead you have to remember the order of the months and that a knuckle represents 31 days.

The Boost Your Brain 101 Course, which is just $24.99, 87% off the usual price, explores how to use different forms of memory, mnemonic tools, and other processes to finally recall that face or remember what you read last night. It'll even help you get the most out of interactive courses using these strategies to reinforce vocabulary or concepts.

Among the techniques laid out in the course are:

  • Memory Association: If you read "bed," you probably think "sleep." Associations are powerful tools to remember data, and you can develop your own to recall facts and ideas instantly.
  • Visual Chains: If you've ever heard "The 12 Days of Christmas," you know how effective visual chains can be. You'll learn how to create your own, for any data you need.
  • Memory Palaces: Memory palaces are mental space where you store mnemonics to improve recall, and building your own is easy, with the right guidance.
  • Memory Pegs and the Major System: Creating associations between unrelated objects, or numbers and sounds, can remind you of everything from a shopping list to your coworker's birthday.

Once you've got the methods down, the course delves into how to use them in everyday life, including remembering specific dates, memorizing vocabulary from an unfamiliar language, tying names to faces, and even giving a speech without bringing your notes.

Practical memory helps keep us focused, on track, and ready to learn. And for $24.99, the Boost Your Brain 101 Course will ensure that you keep more information in mind and create the custom memory tools you need to succeed.

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