More good news for the renewable industry: in the face of more a competitive and economically viable green energy sector, the UK has committed to completely move away from coal power by 2025.

Prices for solar and wind electricity are falling, and are breaking the "green energy is expensive" stereotype. The UK itself has produced more electricity from solar energy than from coal plants over the past six months.

The Guardian 

That's why Britain is pledging to close its eight remaining coal-fired power plants. But it's not just because of the green energy commitment – those coal plants have been there for nearly 50 years, well beyond their life expectancy.

"Our relatively inefficient and aging fleet of coal power stations is not sustainable in the long-term," said secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy Greg Clark in a statement. "Nearly all of the remaining coal stations in Great Britain are operating beyond their original design life—and without substantial spending on extending their lives even further most are likely to close in the next few years."

The plan is to make for a slow and gradual phaseout, to mitigate the impact on power production and job loss. The renewables sector is getting £290 million in annual subsidies to speed up development and lower the cost of generation.

This all shows that the green energy sector is becoming more economically viable, and is actually capable of meeting industry demands. Even when critics doubt the capability of renewables, the actions of governments are able to speak for themselves.

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