Do men care about their skin?

The answer is "of course", but if you ask men if they care about a personalized skincare regimen that preserves their looks, 64 percent apparently say "no."

According to market researcher, Mintel, 64 percent of guys don’t consider men’s skincare "an important factor" in their daily grooming, which is a shame—men's skin is uniquely different from women's. Because of hormones like testosterone, which causes skin to produce more oil and widens pores, men have distinct skincare needs that prevents them from borrowing their girlfriend's moisturizer occasionally. 

Guys need skincare that's made for them— that's why over 250k thousand men have turned to Geologie

What Geologie offers is easy enough—it's simple, personalized skin care for men—but its quality products and attentive service are what makes them the most respected brand in men's skincare. Esquire, Men's Health, AskMen, and Robb's Report all agree: Geologie is an award-winner for helping thousands of men have the healthiest, brightest skin of their life. 

First, Geologie gets to know you a little better through a dermatologist-backed, 13-step personalization process that takes into account your skin sensitivity, your skincare goals, and your current skincare products (or lack thereof). After the quiz, Geologie concocts a personalized skincare regimen that's perfect for your unique skin, made only from clinically proven active ingredients that actually work. That's right: there's no fads, no hype, and definitely no sea kelp from Nova Scotia. 

If you ever have questions or need help finding the right skincare products for you, simply refer to Geologie's legendary customer success team to guide you through the process. While the skincare quiz and recommended products cover a great deal of material, there may be a question of whether you need new face wash and moisturizer.

If you'd like to have skin-saving products shipped directly to your door, you can get started with a personalized 30-day skincare trial set for as low as $20.

With over 3,000 reviews and an average 4.8 rating out of 5, it's clear that Geologie is a winner amongst the people (even though it also won AskMen's Grooming Award). Whether it's for your skin or for the man you love, Geologie shows men's skin some much-needed TLC after years of basic skincare. Invest in your future face with a 30-Day Complete Trial from Geologie.

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