This week, BMW unveiled a series of concept vehicles as part of its centennial celebration. Among these is a futuristic motorcycle that could stand on its own, literally.

Introducing BMW's Motorrad VISION NEXT 100.

Okay, the name could be improved a bit (seems too long for a futuristic product), but BMW's motorbike of the future features considerable improvements to a vehicle that has remained essentially the same since its invention in 1894.

The VISION NEXT 100 showcases a smart self-balancing system that keeps the motorcycle upright, whether or not you're moving. It also comes with a smart visor that keeps data for the rider, and displays information as it becomes relevant.

"The assistance systems in the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 will not only anticipate and advise when action is needed but also intervene, when required, to keep riders safe," BMW boasts in its press release. Accordingly, it's also a "zero-emission" vehicle.

While BMW claims that the Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 will do away with helmets and protective pads in the future, it does not detail how it'll protect its riders from possible collisions.

In any case, expect this impressive technology to hit the roads in the near future.

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