Do you track your sleep or steps with a Fitbit? Your time with Pomodoro techniques or Google Calendar? Genetic coding with 23andMe?

One X is betting big that you’ll soon be able to check your health with just one device you can hold in the palm of your hand. And that one device will be able to monitor the impact of your diet, lifestyle, and habits on your health.

After almost two years of research, developing partnerships with science hubs like Singularity University and Exponential Science, and getting input from subject matter experts in Brazil, Germany, France, and the United States, One X has almost entirely funded their prototyping and first few hundred shipments of this futuristic sensor via Indiegogo


Of course, the question we all want answers to is, “How do we know if our lifestyles are truly optimal and balanced?”

One X thinks they have the information we are looking for. Or at least, they know where to find it. It’s in the palm of our hands, actually, where antioxidant level changes on our skin can tell us if different habits (or levels of exposure) regarding sleep, nutrition, exercise, alcohol intake, pollution, sun exposure, and stress are impacting us.

This information can change everything we know about biohacking and help us all take our health to the next level. Through the One X app, the handheld sensor can scan our hand and almost instantly return a host of information — recommended supplement mixes personalized for us, suggestions for foods or drinks we can consume to replenish our bodies, progress tracking to remind us if we are on our pace to hit our fitness and health goals, and many others points of feedback.

Since accessing the device requires your fingerprint, multiple users are allowed on a single device, meaning your entire family can create healthier lifestyles together. Like other biohacker favorites, you can also compete against friends through social leaderboards to keep yourself accountable as far as implementing the information you receive from your personal One X artificial intelligence.


This technology, which can help lower your risks of developing major medical conditions and monitoring your overall health, is only recently available. The One X R&D team is based in Germany, the leading area for research in biomedical photonics, which has powered these new advancements.

Part of what the team emphasizes is the depths of research that they’ve put into their hardware and their software in order to make a product that is easy-to-use, despite the endless amounts of data, algorithms, and personalization made available to end users.

Non-invasive. Affordable. Easy-to-see feedback you can utilize in your everyday life...Use cutting edge science like a biohacking-pro even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in regular blood tests and expert nutritionists.

The product is supposed to ship in May 2017, and you can get your hand on this in-your-palm sensor here for $129

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