Ask any kid what game they’re crazy about, and you can bet one name to pop up again and again: Roblox. It’s not simply a game, it is in fact an entire platform, which hosts over 40 million different “experiences,” though many of them easily qualify as games. In April 2020, about two-thirds of all US kids ages nine to 12 were playing Roblox every day. Jumping into the user-created gaming platform hosts is difficult to navigate for newcomers, so we’ve compiled a list of the best Roblox games. 

What sort of games are available on Roblox? It would probably be quicker to name what isn’t available. Fighting, sandbox, shooters, and even virtual pet simulators are just a few of the types of games available on Roblox. 

Best Overall: “Adopt Me!”
Best Shooting Game: “Arsenal”
Best Anime Game: “Anime Fighting Simulator Arsenal - Robloxor”
Best Adult Game: “Thief Simulator”
Best Horror Game: “Bewildered”

How We Picked the Best Roblox Games

Originally launched in 2006, Roblox started as a PC platform, but it’s currently available to play on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and even Xbox One. Anyone can create an account and download games for free at will, but certain games keep features behind paywalls. In-game currency called “Robux” are used to unlock features game to game, but are also used to customize player avatars with all manner of accessories. Robux costs real-life money, which can easily become a microtransaction money pit. Luckily, Roblox allows accounts connected to a credit card to limit spending. Robux Gift Cards can also be purchased in stores and online in increments of 800-10,000. The upside of this pay-to-play system is that the user-created games get a slice of the pie anytime gamers purchase Robux through their games and experiences, to the tune of 70 percent. Roblox gets the other 30. Roblox developers made over $129 million in Q2 of 2021. But enough of the grubby financial information, here are some of the rubrics used when we compiled the best Roblox games.

Originality: The Roblox engine is incredibly bare bones. While many of the games won’t win any awards on the visuals front, it’s impressive what developers pull off using the platform. Unique experiences get extra credit, especially if they come with optimized graphics that turn heads. Roblox is sometimes compared to “Minecraft,” which is another lo-fi visual game that occasionally stuns, surprises, and dazzles viewers with the imaginative possibilities users create. 

Fun Factor: Is the experience fun? Usually, this would fall under “gameplay,” but Roblox doesn’t simply make games, it makes “experiences.” Whatever Roblox game or experience you choose  should be worth your time, and occasionally, worth your investment should you decide to spend a few Robux.

Value: Roblox games are free…at least in theory. But like many “free to play” games available on mobile devices, these games can quickly become money pits if you’re not careful. Some games offer fantastic experiences without spending Robux one on it. Others offer a good bit of bang for your buck. If a game requires you to throw money at it constantly, is it even worth playing? Cynical money-grabbing tactics aren’t appreciated, especially with games aimed at kids. For more options, check out the best gifts for gamers

Interactivity: One of the reasons Roblox is so popular may be because of its massive install base. In many cases you’re not playing alone, you’re playing along with a bunch of fellow players just like other popular MMOs like “Fortnite” and “World of Warcraft,” and you can even communicate with them. Whether you’re playing cooperatively or competitively, if there’s a wholesome interactive quality in any Roblox game, all the better. Find out more about how we test gaming equipment.

The Best Roblox Games: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: “Adopt Me!”

Gotta Adopt ‘Em All. Uplift Games. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

Why It Made The Cut: One of the most popular games on Roblox is also one of the best, providing a fun RPG experience for anyone who plays.

Released: July 14, 2017
Developer: Uplift Games
Genre: RPG, Sim

— Fantastic pet simulation
— Pet possibilities almost endless
— Slightly educational

— Rife with scammers

Remember Tamogatchi? Those little LCD pocket games taught you just how fun raising a pet could be. Much of this magic has been captured in “Adopt Me!” a game that’s been played nearly 27 billion times as of January 2022. 

Originally, “Adopt Me” allowed players to adopt human children. And while that’s still doable, the game is more about raising different animals with a range of rarity. New players get an egg when starting the game, which hatches into either a dog or a cat, though 71 different animals are available to buy. The more money players invest in new eggs, the higher the possibility that a rare animal will spring out of it. There’s still an element of gambling here. You could be the proud parent of a neon pink dog, or get lucky and own a Golden Dragon or a Diamond Unicorn. Regardless of what animal baby fate decides to plop in your lap, raising them is strangely rewarding. Gamers can even trade in-game items and pets, which should scratch small “Pokemon” itches. Sadly, because of the game’s popularity, some gamers try and scam younger players out of rare items and eggs. Some measures have been taken to combat this, but still, caution is advised.

Best Shooting Game: “Arsenal”

Lo-Fi Bloodbath. DevRolve. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

Why It Made The Cut: “Arsenal” provides a near Triple-A FPS experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Released: August 18, 2015
Developer: DevRolve
Genre: FPS

— Addictive FPS action
— Impressive considering Roblox limitations
— Incredibly active user base

— Maps are a little simplistic

The game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” has a mode called “Arms Race.” To put it succinctly, this FPS bout rewards players by giving them weapon upgrades with every successful kill. “Arsenal” offers a similar experience, albeit with a much more lo-fi presentation. 

After 32 kills, a player is armed with a Golden Knife melee weapon, which is the deciding factor in what team or player wins. Arms race is an apt term, and just like the ever-popular Battle Royal genre, things can get incredibly tense, incredibly fast. Killing nabs you stronger weapons, dying demotes them. The game has six modes to keep things fresh, including Standard, Competitive, Gun Rotation, Randomizer, Railgun Royale, and Concussion Mania. Like “Splatoon” and other competitive shooters, there’s a level-up system with no cap, which offers a lot for the replayability factor. While the feats “Arsenal” pulls off are impressive, don’t expect sprawling, gorgeous scenery for your gun bouts. Optimize the experience with the best 4K gaming monitors.

Best Anime Game: “Anime Fighting Simulator” 

Packs a Punch. Block Zone. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

Why It Made The Cut: Taking inspiration from the best in Japanese animation, “Anime Fighting Simulator” captures what it’s like to be a cool and powerful protagonist.

Released: October 4, 2019
Developer: BlockZone
Genre: RPG, Sim

— Tons of free codes to use
— Clever anime-inspired characters and destinations
— Plenty of fan service

— Simplistic

How would you fare if you were dropped in the middle of your favorite anime, like “Dragon Ball Z” or “One Piece?” “Anime Fighting Simulator” lets you explore this unlikely possibility, even if it is a little surface level. 

Players land in the middle of an anime-inspired multi-verse. The most impressive feat “Anime Fighting Simulator'' pulls off is the way it skirts copyright infringement. If you’re even a casual anime fan, you’ll recognize characters from popular hits with spikey-haired heroes including “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” “My Hero Academia,” “Sword Art Online,” and even “Naruto.” Not only can you unlock fighters for your team that look and indeed, fight like the ones from your favorite anime, but you can mix and match their abilities as you trek from world to world. There are a little more than a handful of dimensions to visit, all that smack of an almost instantly recognizable series. And like any great anime, there are storylines to play through, complete with rewards and lore to dig up. That said, the recognizable imagery is doing a lot of heavy lifting. Gameplay is a little simplistic, especially as far as combat is concerned. Note: This game is similar, but not the same as “Anime Fighters Simulator.” Roblox can get tricky on the name front.

Best Adult Game: “Thief Simulator”

Hidden Gem. Roblox

Why It Made The Cut: Gorgeous visuals and fun twitchy stealth action make this one a must-play for the over-18 crowd.

Released: December 12, 2021 (Update)
Developer: Funwise
Genre: Stealth

— Baby’s first GTA experience
— Visually impressive
— Easy to pick up and play

— Not 100 percent family friendly

Like “Arsenal,” “Thief Simulator” is a much more scaled down version of a more graphic-intensive game, in this case, the “Grand Theft Auto.” 

What “Thief Simulator” offers is the same vicarious thrill one gets when playing as a criminal in any game in equal parts popular and controversial GTA series. You can rob NPCs in broad daylight, jack their cars, and even engage in high-speed chases. New updates even let you perform high-stakes heists and bank robberies. Sell your loot and invest in even fancier tools, backpacks, and blueprints, rinse, and repeat. Unlike many other games that pride themselves on simplicity, “Thief Simulator” actually feels like there are stakes involved. Another point of stark contrast when stacking up “Thief Simulator” against the competition is just how gorgeous it looks compared to many of the offerings in the Roblox library. Despite the cutesy presentation, it still qualifies as an adult game, as just about every task here isn’t exactly the kind of thing an impressionable kid should be engaging in. The under-13 crowd shouldn’t play too long without parental supervision, if only because the game provides some of the most fun experiences available on Roblox. Get your rig started with one of the best gaming laptops.

Best Horror Game: “Bewildered”

Seriously Scary. FilmZen

Why It Made The Cut: “Bewildered” is a horror game that haunts you even after you stop playing.

Released: March 9, 2021
Developer: FilmZen
Genre: Horror

— Frightening
— Immersive, even with limited graphic capabilities
— Good alone, great with friends

— Shorter than most horror movies

Roblox, like any metaverse platform, prides itself on experiences. Other offerings in this compilation may offer endorphin rushes when gaining levels and besting foes, but “Bewildered,” like any great horror game, may have you breaking out the night light for a week or two.

The setting is all too familiar to fans of all things spine-chilling. You and your family have recently moved into a sprawling house on a hill but, spoiler, it’s haunted. As you explore the mansion, all you have is your lighthouse to point at whatever lingers in the shadows, which is often enough to make you jump out of your seat. Or maybe just me. Maybe I’m just a weenie. “Bewildered” impresses with its presentation. The low-light manse packed with scary surprises looks polished, as do the many horrors that lie within it. But everything about the game is creepy as hell, including the droning background music. Popping on some noise-canceling headphones and turning off the lights when playing may provide the same frights as any game in the Silent Hill series. It is a very short game though, and can be completed in a little more than half an hour. If you don’t mind spending a few Robux, you can experience the nightmare with friends, adding another layer of frightening possibility in this horror experience.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Roblox Game

Parental Controls

Anyone can play Roblox because it requires very little in the way of specs, can be played on mobile platforms, and is totally approachable. But the truth of the matter is that most Roblox users, 67 percent in fact, are under the age of 16. Kids on the internet are always dicey, as there are dangers lurking around every turn, even in bright and shiny Roblox land. Luckily, like any platform aimed at kids, there are a bevy of parental controls to take advantage of. Parents can implement restrictions on chatting, inappropriate content, social networking, and of course, in-app purchases. Granted, kids are getting more and more savvy these days, so regardless of how many restrictions you put on them, it doesn’t hurt to have a heart to heart about potential dangers and risks they can face out there. If you take a passing interest in the games they play, they might even let you in on the daily happenings themselves. Get started with some of the best game consoles for kids.

Curbing Overspending

Anyone who games on a mobile device knows how easy it can be to overspend. This isn’t even a problem that’s exclusive to kids. I know at least a few adults who have spent hundreds of dollars on games like “The Simpsons: Tapped Out” and “Pokemon Go.” Tying an account to a credit card can be dangerous, especially as impulse in-game upgrades are concerned. Luckily, there’s a way to curb any nascent virtual item hoarding addiction. Skip tying a credit card to your or your kids account by using Roblox gift cards. Because Roblox is so popular, gift cards are available in plenty of retailers including Amazon. The conversion rate is weird. Investing $10 nabs you 800 Robux. Occasionally, the more you spend, the better the value. Spending $25 gets you 2,000, spending $45 gets you 4,500, and spending $89 gets you 10,000 Robux. The value gets even better anytime these gift cards go on sale, which isn’t terribly uncommon. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a monthly Roblox subscription available in three tiers.

— Premium 450: $4.99 per month/450 Robux
— Premium 1000: $9.99 per month/1,000 Robux
— Premium 2200:  $19.99 per month/2,200 Robux

Avoiding Potential Scams

Overspending isn’t the only danger that lurks in every Roblox game. The more popular the game, the more likely you’ll find folks looking to scam you out of hard-earned Roblox goodies. In general, scams fit into three categories: 1. Stealing your Robux 2. Stealing your virtual items 3. Stealing your username and password. Sadly, it’s an all too common experience, but there are ways to keep yourself safe. 

For one, no matter what anyone tells you, there’s no way to get free Robux. If you get a message asking you to click on a link promising it will nab you untold Roblox riches, it’s likely a malicious link. Anyone asking you for personal information including your Roblox username and password is just looking to pilfer your stock. In general, use extreme caution and trust nobody promising easy winnings.


Q: What is the number one game on Roblox?

The number-one game on Roblox is “Adopt Me!” which is coincidentally also the best overall game on our list.

Q: How much does a Roblox game cost?

Games are free to start, but many games unlock features and items by spending Robux, the Roblox currency, which costs real money.

Q: What is the scariest game on Roblox?

There are plenty of fantastic scary games available on Roblox, but our favorite is “Bewildered.”

Q: What are the top 3 games in Roblox?

The three most popular games in Roblox are “Adopt Me!” “Tower of Hell,” and “Meep City,” all which sport visits in the tens of billions.

Q: What Roblox game should I play when I’m bored?

Just about any Roblox game will cure your boredom, but “Arsenal” is a great pick-up-and-play option.

Q: Is Roblox fun for adults?

Roblox can be fun for adults, with persons aged 17-99 accounting for 30 percent of its daily users.

Final Thoughts on Roblox Games

Roblox is huge, that much is certain. The lo-fi metaverse with millions of user-created roblox games and experiences is a great way to kill time, or if you’re under 16, invest hours upon hours daily. Because it's available on so many platforms and has wide appeal, it's not hard to fathom how it became such a phenomenon. For those looking to see what all the fuss is about, look no further than its most popular game, “Adopt Me!” Gamers looking for familiar experiences might be better suited with FPS “Arsenal” or GTA-like “Thief Simulator.” For thrills, chills, and occasional spills, “Bewildered” is a spooky treat.

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