Curved monitors don’t simply look great, they feel great. A curved screen takes advantage of the natural depth of your eyesight, for a sensation that truly has to be seen to be believed. Of course, with these immersion capabilities, these devices typically run a little pricier than the average flat monitor. It can be daunting picking one out, so we’ve compiled a list of the best for both professional and casual use. Here are the best curved monitors available right now.

Best Overall: BenQ MOBIUZ EX3410R Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor
Best for Home Office: Monoprice Dark Matter Curved Gaming Monitor
Best for Gaming: Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor
Best QLED: Samsung Odyssey G9 49-Inch G9 Gaming Monitor
Best Budget: Sceptre Curved 30-Inch Gaming Monitor

How We Picked the Best Curved Monitors

Because of their immersion capabilities, curved monitors are perfect for gaming and cinematic media watching, but are equally well-suited to anyone who likes wide, open workspaces. Aside from being curvier than the average flat screen, additional features separate good curved monitors from the best curved monitors. Here are a few things to look for in a great device.

Screen Size: Bigger is not always better, but larger screens do offer a bit more in the realm of possibility. A fair amount of real estate to work with allows you to tap into immersive PC and console gaming, as well as more freedom when it comes to juggling different apps at once. Of course, bigger screens come with a bigger price tag, so you have to prioritize what’s important to you.

Refresh Rate: A massive screen is useless if the refresh rates are less than ideal for gaming that requires speed, as with many hardcore titles like “Fortnite” and “Cyberpunk 2077.” Of course, like screen size, the importance of the refresh rate is another aspect that is wholly dependent on what kind of games you usually play, if you play games on your PC at all. Speed is what usually separates gaming curved monitors from regular curved monitors, and even some gaming models.

Versatility: A computer monitor, even a curved one, should have at least a few inputs to plug in a PC or laptop, a gaming console, a streaming device, or anything else that can plug in via HDMI. All a monitor should have to do is provide a display for a given device, but extra features are always welcome. They include built-in speakers, which many curved monitors leave out.

Ease of Use: All this talk of curvatures and refresh rates can complicate what is ultimately an easy device. If you can use a TV, you can use one of the best curved monitors. Devices shouldn’t require you to come to the party with any sort of complicated knowledge. More importantly, customizing settings on the screen and switching between inputs should be equally simple.

The Best Curved Monitors: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: BenQ MOBIUZ EX3410R Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

Practically Perfect. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

Why It Made the Cut: An easy-to-use curved screen with some of the best in image optimization.

Dimensions: 15 inches H x 31.3 inches W x 5.9 inches H
Weight: 21.7 pounds, with stand
Screen Size: 34 inches, 1000R
Max Resolution: 3440 x 1440, 21:9
Max Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
Connectivity: Two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort v1.4, one USB Type B Upstream, two USB 3.0 Downstream

— Easy on the eyes
— Solid built-in speakers
— Handy control for quick customization

— Does not support VESA mounts

BenQ MOBIUZ EX3410R curved monitor is full of surprises, and a great value for the price.No, it’s not an OLED or Quantum Dot OLED screen, but it could easily pass for one because of its intense color, deep blacks and whites, and fantastic picture quality. MOBIUZ is built for speed, topping out at 144 Hz, which is more than enough for most hardcore gaming on PC. Even if you prefer gaming on consoles, this curved monitor sports compatibility with PS5, Xbox Series, and even Nintendo Switch consoles.

Unlike other screens in this class, its built-in Trevolo speakers aren’t just good, they’re just short of great, with 5-watt subwoofers and five dedicated audio modes. Brilliant picture quality aside, this screen is made to go easy on your delicate retinas, and continuously adapts the screen to minimize eye strain, headaches, and fatigue. Best of all, you can easily customize settings using a short and handy remote control. Sadly, it doesn’t come with VESA-mount capabilities, but the value can’t be understated.

Best for Home Office: Monoprice Dark Matter Curved Gaming Monitor

Simple But Elegant. Monoprice

Why It Made the Cut: A simple, stripped-down but speedy screen, with tons of space for work and play.

Dimensions: 18.5 inches H x 42.2 inches W x 9.7 inches D
Weight: 32.6 pounds, with stand
Screen Size: 48 inches, 1800R
Max Resolution: 5120 x 1440, 32:9
Max Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
Connectivity: Two HDMI 2.0 ports, two DisplayPort v1.4, one USB type B

— Rich picture quality on a massive screen
— Seamless customization
— Extra curvy for extra immersion

— Monitor doesn’t swivel

Monoprice prides itself on selling generic branded stuff at affordable prices, sort of like the electronic equivalent of the Kirkland brand. Like Kirkland, it’s also lauded for its humble excellence, and the Monoprice Dark Matter curved gaming monitor is a prime example of this.

Despite the muted aesthetics and branding, this isn’t exactly a frills-free curved monitor. Its curvature provides immersion, reduces eye strain, and its refresh rate is fast enough for most gaming needs. (Be sure to measure your desk before dropping the cash on this one, as its 48-inch screen stretches wide across most desks.) The picture quality is as rich as you’d want a screen at this price point to be, and its Quantum LCD technology enhances visuals with richer, deeper, and more lifelike colors. It’s got a massive max resolution, topping out at 5120 x 1440, which means you’ve got plenty of room to juggle any and all work-from-home tasks, whether you’re compiling Excel spreadsheets or editing videos in Adobe Premiere. The only clear downside with this screen is that it doesn’t swivel, but it is compatible with VESA mounts which may remedy this flaw.

Best for Gaming: Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor

Out of This World. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

Why It Made the Cut: A gorgeous and speedy screen, with tons of space for work and play.

Dimensions: 16.4 inches H x 32.1 inches W x 12 inches D, with stand
Weight: 35.05 pounds, with stand
Screen Size: 34 inches, 1800R
Max Resolution: 3440 x 1440, 21:9
Max Refresh Rate: 175 Hz
Connectivity: Two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort v1.4, four USB 3.2 Downstream, one USB 3.2 Upstream

— Big, bright, and immersive
— Super fast refresh rates
— Gorgeous build

— Cumbersome controls

Gaming on computers requires one thing above all: speed. The Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED gaming monitor is fast enough to stay ahead of the competition.

While many monitors offer muted design, Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED is as sleek as they come. White accents combine beautifully with customizable RGB lighting, just like other Alienware products, from mice to tower PCs. There are tons of inputs here; enough to accommodate three devices, which may be enough for most gamers. Stutter-free speed is possible thanks to its NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate certification, with a native 175-Hz refresh rate. The picture quality is intense, and actually a little jarring at first. After getting used to it, you’ll delight in the immersive quality of the picture while you’re gaming, watching Netflix, or just getting work done. Sadly, all the customization options may cause headaches, considering that the monitor doesn’t have a dedicated remote, just a small, cumbersome nub button on the bottom of the screen. However, the monitor does maintain itself to increase its lifespan and prevent burn-in. You’ll also need to bring your own audio system because this monitor doesn’t come with speakers.

Best QLED: Samsung Odyssey G9 49-Inch G9 Gaming Monitor

Gotta Go Fast. Samsung

Why It Made the Cut: A massive, lightning-fast monitor that’s great for gaming, and everything else.

Dimensions: 21.15 inches H x 45.18 inches W x 16.39 inches D, with stand
Weight: 36.8 pounds, with stand
Screen Size: 49 inches, 1000R
Max Resolution: 5120 x 1440, 32:9
Max Refresh Rate: 240 Hz
Connectivity: One HDMI 2.0 port, two DisplayPort v1.4, three USB 3 Downstream, two USB 3 Upstream

— Cutting edge QLED
— Lightning fast refresh rate
— Support for popular graphics cards

— No built-in speakers

The Samsung Odyssey line of curved monitors is one of the most coveted, and the G9 is no exception. It’s perfect for gaming, content creation, and just about everything else one does with a computer monitor.

Like its televisions, Samsung Odyssey G9 offers the best and the brightest image quality with the latest in cutting-edge QLED tech. This thing is massive — essentially two 27-inch monitors stuck together. Granted, the build is far more seamless than that, whether you’re tapping out at its full 32:9 resolution, or partitioning it into two 16:9 screens. Juggling between games and applications works flawlessly here, with a refresh rate that is more than you’ll ever need. With the curvature thrown into the mix, expect depth that’s unparalleled, especially when you’re using it off the clock. For work and play, it’s a monitor that could easily last you years, and considering its price, it may have to. It also doesn’t have any speakers, so you’ll need to either use the ones on your laptop or PC, or simply provide your own computer speakers.

Best Budget: Sceptre Curved 30-Inch Gaming Monitor

Good Value. Sceptre

Why It Made the Cut: A fairly good starter screen, for those looking to dip their toes into the curved monitor space.

Dimensions: 16.45 inches H x 27.8 inches W x 9.2 inches D, with stand
Weight: 10.7 pounds, with stand
Screen Size: 30 inches, 1800R
Max Resolution: 2560 x 1080, 21:9
Max Refresh Rate: 100 Hz
Connectivity: Two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort v1.4

— Wide range of colors
— Built-in speakers are fair
— Unbeatable deal

— Slow refresh rate

If you simply must have a curved monitor but aren’t ready to spend a good portion of your paycheck, the Sceptre Curved 30-inch is an inexpensive offering that’s not great, but it’s not terrible for the price.

For the cost, it’s a fairly big screen, curved or otherwise. It’s not a 4K gaming monitor, but it is FHD 1080p, which is at the very least in the high-definition realm, and will provide some good picture quality for a budget gaming monitor. The wide color gamut it offers is enough for gaming, especially if you’re the kind of gamer who likes enjoying games from previous generations that are available at massive discounts. Unlike some screens, there are even some built-in speakers to amplify the sound in music, games, and movies without a secondary device. The measly 85- Hz native refresh rate may leave some hardcore gamers cold, even if you overclock at 100 Hz. There are three inputs to play with, two HDMI and one DisplayPort, so you can connect at least three devices. That said, there are few other frills here — it’s not even VESA-mount compatible. However, it’s incredibly affordable and may be enough for light use.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Curved Monitor

Curved vs. Flat Monitors: There’s no sugarcoating it: on the whole, curved monitors cost a fair bit more than their flat counterparts. So it begs the question, which monitor style is right for you? In the end, it truly depends on what you prefer. Some folks find the immersive experience that curved monitors provide less than ideal. Curved monitors, especially those on the larger end, do sort of pull you in, and initially, your eyes may experience some light strain as they accommodate the new viewing angle. On the whole, curved monitors will be easier on the eyes in more ways than one, because they work with the natural curvature of your eyes. Many of the best curved monitors like BenQ MOBIUZ EX3410R Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor also have technology that filters out harmful light, which is a godsend for those that sit in front of screens for extended periods of time.

For many, the immersion can’t be beaten, regardless of if you’re gaming or simply watching a widescreen cut of your favorite film. Whether you want to make the investment in a curved monitor depends on if you actually want that experience from your main screen.

To Mount (Or Not to Mount): High-end monitors, like high-end televisions, offer much in the way of possibility when it comes to how you set them up in any given work or game station. Most of the curved monitors in this roundup come with VESA-mount compatibility, so you can mount them to walls or on the back of your desk, to free up space. Granted, every curved monitor we picked has a sturdy stand that works great out of the box. If you do decide to mount your monitor, we recommend the AVLT Single Monitor Arm Desk Mount which clamps to the back of any desk and supports monitors up to 43 inches wide. Larger monitors will require a little more heft, like the Ergotron HX Ultrawide Monitor Mount, which works with screens up to 49 inches wide.


Q: What kind of ports should I look for in a curved monitor?

A curved monitor should have at least one HDMI port and one DisplayPort. This will cover most of your needs. The more ports the better, as they allow you to use your massive and expensive screen across multiple devices.

Q: Do curved monitors have speakers?

Some curved monitors have speakers, some don’t. The BenQ MOBIUZ EX3410R Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor has some solid built-in speakers.

Q: What level of monitor curvature should I choose?

A 1000R curvature matches your natural field of vision, which provides a comfortable and immersive experience.

Q: Do curved monitors reduce eye strain?

Because curved monitors provide a wider field of view, curved monitors may help relieve eye strain, especially when using them for extended periods compared to a flat monitor.

Q: Should I get a curved monitor if I don't play games?

Curved monitors provide more immersion and provide less eye strain, even if you decide to game for hours. However, some gamers still prefer flat screen monitors to curved ones.

Final Thoughts on the Best Curved Monitors

Best Overall: BenQ MOBIUZ EX3410R Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor
Best for Home Office: Monoprice Dark Matter Curved Gaming Monitor
Best for Gaming: Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor
Best QLED: Samsung Odyssey G9 49-Inch G9 Gaming Monitor
Best Budget: Sceptre Curved 30-Inch Gaming Monitor

For the best in immersion, picture quality, and wide open spaces, bet on one of the best curved monitors. BenQ MOBIUZ EX3410R Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor is our overall best pick because it pulls off seriously great visuals at a reasonable price. If you’re looking to splurge, the gaming-friendly Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor has tons of inputs and is speedy to boot. For a simple and affordable curved monitor, Sceptre Curved 30-Inch Gaming Monitor is tough to beat.

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