Got a brother-in-law who can't stop talking about crypto? As of November 2021, 16 percent of Americans said they had used, invested in, or traded crytocurrency, according to Pew Research. Its members are a dedicated community willing to endure the uncertainty and risk of the cryptocurrency investing roller coaster. Like sports fanatics, these HODL-ing risk takers like to demonstrate their passion for blockchain technology with hats, shirts, and various tchotchkes. we’ve assembled a list of crypto gifts that even the most discerning cryptocurrency enthusiasts will geek out on. Our diverse collection of unique gifts ranges from baseball caps and T-shirts to collectible coins and fine works of crypto art. 

Best Wallet: Trezor Model One Crypto Hardware Wallet
Best for Newbies: Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies
Best for Crypto Nerds: Bitcoin Crypto Currency Dress Socks
Best for Bitcoin Players: Cryptocurrency Pendant Necklace
Best for Crypto Art Lovers: Bitcoin Canvas Painting
Best for Home Bars: Bitcoin Neon Sign
Most Authentic: Ballet Real Bitcoin
Best for HODL-ing: Dalix Cryptocurrency HODL Hat
Best for Crypto Dads: Bitcoin Dogecoin Crypto Dad Shirt
Best for Paying Uncle Sam: Crypto Taxes Made Happy

Unique Crypto Gifts for Bitcoin 

Those willing to risk their hard-earned money on crypto investments are a courageous sort who don’t mind laying it all out there. With that in mind, our collection of crypto gifts appeal to this type of investor with apparel that allows them to advertise their love of cryptocurrency. This includes hats, T-shirts, and even a neon sign. In addition to apparel and funny gifts, we’ve also included useful tools for cryptocurrency investors, including instructional books for newbies and a crypto wallet for keeping virtual currency accounts and earnings safe from would-be hackers.

Best Crypto Wallet: Trezor Model One Crypto Hardware Wallet

Crypto Wallet. Trezor

Key Selling Point: Keep your cryptocurrency keys securely offline with the best crypto wallet.

The Trezor Model One stores the private keys to your cryptocurrency securely. Just as with that leather wallet that holds your non-virtual cash, the electronic wallet grants you access to your money—in this case digital money—when you need it. The wallet serves as an offline environment, protecting your private keys from hackers and malware that can wreak havoc.  Use it to restore any lost content on your devices with a simple three-step process via USB-C and microSD connections. At roughly 3 inches long, 3 inches wide and less than 1/2-inch thick, the Trezor is about the same size as your other wallet—though we wouldn’t suggest carrying it in your back pocket. Here are more options for the best crypto wallets.

Best Crypto Gift for Newbies: Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies

Crypto for Dummies. Kiana Danial

Key Selling Point: The master of beginner’s guides uncomplicates cryptocurrency.

Get that friend or in-law you’ve been trying to sell on crypto investing started with help from one of the best-known purveyors of beginner’s guides. Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies will acquaint the uninitiated to the volatile world of virtual dough by explaining—in simplified fashion of course—how cryptocurrency works, how to choose the right investments, and what platforms to use to make buys. It’s also not a bad read for someone already trading in the cryptocurrency market who wants to fill in gaps in their crypto knowledge. Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies is available on Kindle or paperback.  Then make headway on your book list with the best eReaders.

Best for Crypto Nerds: Bitcoin Crypto Currency Dress Socks

Bitcoin Booties. Sock Genius

Key Selling Point: Display your passion for Bitcoin on your feet

What better way to celebrate one’s devotion to the most famous of all cryptocurrency than with a pair of Bitcoin Crypto Currency Dress Socks? If you had as many bitcoins as these socks, you’d be a wealthy cryptocurrency investor indeed. Since they’re dress socks, you can proudly display your devotion to Bitcoin at work, impressing your coworkers. These socks make the best crypto gift, coming in sizes 7 to 13 and featuring a no-slip calf band. So you can rest assured your socks will stay up even if the price of Bitcoin doesn’t. 

Best for Bitcoin Players: Cryptocurrency Pendant Necklace

Bitcoin Bling. TOPGRILLZ

Key Selling Point: Make cryptocurrency a part of your evening wear with this Bitcoin necklace. 

Hats and T-shirts are nice, but nothing says you’re a real cryptocurrency player like this gold-plated Cryptocurrency Pendant Necklace from Topgrillz. This hip hop-inspired stunner consists of a round pendant that measures 1 inch in diameter, with a cubic- zirconia-diamond-encrusted Bitcoin logo that hangs from a 24-inch gold chain, making it one of the best gifts for women. Wear the necklace alone for a more nuanced look or combine it with other crypto bling to make a bolder statement. 

Best for Crypto Art Lovers: Bitcoin Canvas Painting

Art Crypto. Yatsen Bridge

Key Selling Point: An apropos gift for the discerning crypto art lover

This Bitcoin Canvas Painting is the perfect crypto gift for that friend or spouse who loves to tell you there’s an art to investing in crypto. This inspired tribute to one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency places the Bitcoin logo amid a field of vibrant oranges and yellows. The golden “B” rises through the flames like a phoenix, reminding all who gaze upon it that Bitcoin will always rise from the ashes of a bear market. This piece is a print on canvas stretched over a wood frame. It comes ready for hanging in a home office or den with a black hook mounted to the back. 

Best for Home Bars: Bitcoin Neon Sign

Neon Crypto Lights. SMM

Key Selling Point: Profess your love for Bitcoin in glowing neon

What better way to let a crypto investor’s nerd flag fly than with this glowing beacon of love for the top reigning cryptocurrency king. This Bitcoin Neon Sign is ideal for any bitcoin lover’s home office, man cave, or bar. At 12.5 inches in diameter, it’s large enough to make a statement and has two color options—white and, appropriately, red. This low-voltage LED light, which is powered by a USB connection, uses no glass or hazardous chemicals. And the acrylic backboard makes it easy to mount to a wall. 

Most Authentic: Ballet Real Bitcoin

Crypto Gift Card. Ballet

Key Selling Point: Give the gift of cryptocurrency with this cold-storage wallet. 

Is there a better crypto gift for a cryptocurrency lover than cryptocurrency itself? But, how do you wrap up virtual currency? With this Ballet Real Bitcoin wallet of course. This cold-storage crypto wallet is one of the easiest ways to safely purchase cryptocurrency. Use a credit or debit card to securely buy cryptocurrency and deposit it on the card. The card serves as cold storage, storing all of one’s digital assets and private keys on the card and offline, so no one can hack into them. With its stainless-steel construction and Bitcoin logo, the Ballet Real Bitcoin also makes for a handsome gift any cryptocurrency enthusiast will appreciate. Stay safe at home as well with the best home security cameras.

Best for HODL-ing: Dalix Cryptocurrency HODL Hat

Hold On for Dear Life. DALIX

Key Selling Point: Hold your HODL and head high regardless of which way the market goes.

This crypto gift requires a little explanation. The term “HODL” is a play on the term “hold,” which means to keep a security rather than sell it. HODL means “hold on for dear life,” which has become a mantra on the high-risk roller-coaster that is cryptocurrency investing. This insider’s hat is a way for your cryptocurrency lover to display their membership in the cryptoclub to others in the know. The one-size-fits-all hat has a metal adjuster on the back that gives it a size range of 6-3/4 to 7-1/2. It comes in black, beige, grey, and white, with black woven lettering. 

Best for Crypto Dads: Bitcoin Dogecoin Crypto Dad Shirt

Best Crypto Dad...Ever. Blockchain Cryptocurrency Miner Gift Clothes

Key Selling Point: The perfect gift for your crypto-investing dad

This black cotton T-shirt not so subtly tells the world that dad’s crypto investing skills make him intellectually superior to mere mortal dads, making it one of the best gifts for men. What better apparel for a crypto dad to wear while he HODLs his future cryptocurrency investor in his arms? Know that he’ll one day be passing along his crypto investing knowledge to his offspring. Plus, the Bitcoin Dogecoin Crypto Dad Shirt comes in 11 color options and sizes ranging from small to 3XL. And, if the T-shirt simply isn’t enough, Dad can really fly his Bitcoin nerd flag by adding matching Crypto Dad popsockets and tote bags. 

Best for Paying Uncle Sam: Crypto Taxes Made Happy

Crypto Tax Preparation. Mario Costanz, Galfi Csaba

Key Selling Point: Learn what you owe the feds for all those Bitcoin earnings. 

Make sure your crypto currency loving spouse, friend, or family member doesn’t run afoul of the IRS with all their Bitcoin earnings with this guide on crypto tax preparation. Crypto Taxes Made Happy uses the cautionary tale of Coinbase to explain what tax implications crypto currency investors should be aware of so they too don’t incur the wrath of Uncle Sam. It provides a step-by-step guide for paying taxes on crypto income as well as advice for writing off those ill-fated investments in Dogecoin.

Final Thoughts on the Best Crypto Gifts

Finding the right crypto gift for that Bitcoin enthusiast in your life doesn’t have to be as challenging as learning how blockchain technology works. Hats, shirts, and even artwork make for fun gifts for both male and female crypto nerds. There are plenty of useful gifts for the pragmatic cryptocurrency lover, including crypto wallets and crypto tax guides. Whichever crypto gift you choose, that virtual currency loved one in your life will be sure to appreciate it.

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