Too few of us stop to consider the environmental actions of seemingly small decisions we make throughout the day. For instance, hundreds of millions of plastic straws and billions of plastic forks, spoons, and knives end up in landfills every year, according to research conducted by Habits of Waste, a nonprofit organization focused on reducing our consumption of single-use plastic.

Thankfully, the world is beginning to wake up to these realities, and companies have been created with the express purpose of making eco-friendly versions of products we rely on every day. One way for companies to achieve this goal is by using sustainable materials like bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly, doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers, and is stronger than steel in some instances. If you’re attempting to make your home more environmentally friendly, the bamboo gear below is a great place to start.

Hamana Green Microgreens Kit With Bamboo Frame


Key Selling Point: A sustainable planter for your personal garden. 

Maintaining an indoor garden is a great way to relieve stress, and even save money if you choose to plant herbs or small vegetables. Hamana’s Microgreens Kit with Bamboo Frame is a sustainably made base that can hold your plants and soil. This eco-friendly habitat is long enough to hold a row of microgreens for salad and broccoli. Hamana also offers an inner tray, grow kits, and other accessories to help you get started on your indoor garden. And within seven days, you should see sprouts.

Best Choice Products Bamboo Memory-Foam Mattress

Best Choice

Key Selling Point: This sustainably made mattress has all the same performance characteristics as more wasteful options.

Oftentimes, you’re faced with the choice of prioritizing sustainability or performance, Best Choice Products’ mattress proves this isn’t always the case. Its 12-inch thick mattress is made from a mix of bamboo charcoal, which is naturally moisture wicking, gel-infused memory foam, and an anti-odor green tea layer. This combination of materials makes the mattress a great choice for sleepers who run hot, or live in warm climates. Best Choice Products includes a non-slip mattress cover, too.

Netdraw Women's Ultra-Soft Bamboo Hoodie

Key Selling Point: This hoodie is available in 12 sizes, six colors, and is made from 100 percent recycled cotton.

Netdraw went hard when pushing the bounds of sustainably made clothing with its bamboo hoodie. Created from viscose made from bamboo, cotton, and spandex, this comfy hoodie is great for all seasons, provides UPF 50+ of sun protection, and is moisture-wicking and odor-resistant. This lightweight hoodie comes in six colors, from white to Pacific blue.

SmartLife Co. Bamboo and Charcoal Toothbrush Kit


Key Selling Point: The toothbrushes and box are 100 percent recyclable.

You’re probably going to replace your toothbrush a handful of times per year, so you might as well get one that won’t sit forever in a landfill. This set of four from SmartLife has a bamboo base with charcoal-infused bristles, both of which are BPA-free. It also comes with a base and carrying case. This set may not have the same fancy features as an electric toothbrush, but you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries, mechanical failure over time, or consuming microplastics.

Final Thoughts

The future of the planet is largely dependent on multinational companies deciding to substantially change their business model and means of production, but that doesn’t mean individuals should abdicate their responsibilities. Switching to bamboo products may not save the world, but if tens of thousands of people change their buying habits, companies may change their tune. At the very least, you can know the decision you made helped support a company that’s doing the right thing.

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