If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to spend less time passively staring at screens and more time doing things that actually enrich your life, it might be time to take up a hobby. And if you love science and technology, you won’t find a better hobby than these monthly Arduino projects from Creation Crate.

Creation Crate - Monthly Arduino Projects Delivered To Your Door

Creation Crate

Creation Crate is a monthly subscription box service that sends you kits so you can build cool gadgets using open-source Arduino microcontroller boards. These kits are designed to teach electronics and coding, but in a fun and engaging way that provides a foundational understanding of how it all works. Every new project is slightly harder than the last and builds on the skills you’ve learned. And absolutely everything you need comes in the box, including an Uno R3 Arduino board, written instructions, and a password that gives you access to Creation Crate’s online tutorials.

Of course, there are plenty of practical reasons why you’d want to learn coding and electronics. Learning new things is always good, but coding in particular is an essential skill for the 21st century job market, which is why you’re seeing it incorporated into STEM curriculums in school boards across the country. Coding and engineering have also been shown to instill a number of valuable life skills and educational habits, including problem solving, creativity, empathy, and resilience. But most importantly, for anybody who loves technology, building gadgets is just plain fun.

One of the coolest things about Creation Crate is that it is specifically designed for enthusiasts of all ages. Though they officially recommend their kits for anyone age 12 and up, kids under 12 might be able to work on some of the projects with the help of their parents. That means Creation Crate is a hobby the whole family can do together—if you don’t mind sharing.

Creation Crate’s core curriculum consists of 12 unique projects that teach you the basics of coding and electronics. These are the kits you’ll receive when you become a subscriber. They include a color-changing mood lamp, a memory game, an LED dice game, an optical theremin that let you create music by waving your hands, a distance detector that uses an ultrasonic sensor, a reflex game that lets you test your reflexes against you friends, and a digital lockbox that lets you secure personal items with a pin or password.

Creation Crate offers four subscription options.

Creation Crate Monthly Subscription

Creation Crate

With the basic Monthly Subscription you’ll receive a new kit every month and be billed when it ships. Since you can cancel at any time, this is a great option for those who want to see what Creation Crate is all about. However, because so many customers complete their projects right away and can’t wait to start the next one, Creation Crate also has subscription options that give you multiple projects at once.

Creation Crate Quarterly Arduino Subscription + 1 BONUS GIFT

Creation Crate

With the Creation Crate Quarterly Subscription you’ll receive three kits at once, shipped and billed every three months. This plan comes with a component case as free bonus gift, to help you keep all your parts organized.

Creation Crate Semi-Annual Subscription + 2 BONUS GIFTS

Creation Crate

With the Creation Crate Semi-Annual Subscription you’ll receive six kits at once, shipped and billed every six months. It comes with the component case plus a digital multimeter, a tool that measures voltage, current, and resistance.

Creation Crate Annual Arduino Subscription + 3 BONUS GIFTS

Creation Crate

With the Creation Crate Annual Subscription, you receive all 12 projects at once, so you can work on them at your own pace. In addition to the digital multimeter, the Annual Subscription also comes an upgraded extra large component case and a soldering kit.

Whether you’re looking to foster a love of science and engineering in a child, or you’re just looking for a cool new hobby for yourself, you really can’t go wrong Creation Crate. Head on over to their website and take a more detailed look at their subscription options today.

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