Vaccines work. It's that simple. And as the COVID-19 pandemic eases and we return to public life, there are going to be situations where you need to have your vaccine records handy, whether to solve an external issue or just for your own peace of mind. The ImmunaBand makes those records available safely and securely, while also making them easy to bring up, and it's on sale for just $17.95.

Featured on CNN, Yahoo! Finance, Fox 29, Denver7, KXAN, and The Washington Post —The ImmunaBand works with a QR code on its faceplate. All you need to access a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination records is any phone or device capable of reading the code with an app such as Google Lens or iOS's standard camera. Scan the code and it'll direct you to a secure website. Then enter your PIN and your card will be available.

All records are stored in a HIPAA-compliant database, and you only provide your card once you place your order through a secure website. It's ideal for situations where you need a digital copy of your records, or if you simply want to keep your card on file at home instead of floating at the bottom of your bag or crammed into a random space in your wallet.

It's also designed to make a statement. The faceplate and fittings are cast from tough, corrosion-proof stainless steel that can withstand sweat, spills, and anything else the world throws at it, while the QR code is carefully designed not to fade, peel, or wear away. The one-size-fits-all band is made of silicone in a gentle blue that catches the eye and makes a statement that's easy to clean.

As the world opens back up, it's going to be a different place. It's important to be ready with what you need to travel, eat, and enjoy the planet. The Immunaband makes it happen for $17.95.

Prices subject to change.

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