In the business world, white papers are the ideal way to stay current, informed, and innovative as a leading professional and financial decision-maker. Designed to help readers understand complex issues and make a considerate decision, white papers are one of the multitudinous ways that NetSuite is the number one cloud enterprise resource planning (EPR) entity in the industry. NetSuite's EPR systems "collect and organize key business information and help organizations run lean, efficient operations, even as they expand." An invaluable asset to any growing company, NetSuite not only offers the leading EPR cloud software, but it also offers access to white papers that will shape the future of your business and leadership potential for the better. 

In "The Future of Finance is in the CFO's Hands", NetSuite offers insight as to master the juggling act that is incorporating new technology due to COVID restraints while maintaining traditional responsibilities like internal controls and compliance. Chapter by chapter, this white paper outlines the ways in which modern CFOs can run their company successfully without losing stride amidst rapidly-changing circumstances. 

CFOs need platforms that automatically update to meet the standards of lease accounting regulations. Additionally, they can benefit from a platform that provides real-time data and analysis in order to adapt their company strategies in real time. With NetSuite, CFOs need not worry with AI-powered "self-driving software" that processes thousands of transactions instantly as well as flag potential fraudulent transactions. While a CFO can't monitor every single transaction, there needs to be a reliable, rapid system that will catch every mistake and offer solutions—and this is exactly what NetSuite's Intelligent Insights accomplishes. 

Another trend amongst tech-savvy CFOs is the use of blockchain, a revolutionary software that offers instant, valid financial transactions. After all, it's what industry leaders like HSBC, Barclays and Pfizer are using, which is why according to NetSuite, "to own the future of finance, CFOs must own all that is blockchain." With NetSuite's Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service, this is something that every CFO can do by simply partnering with NetSuite. 

Amidst the changes brought on by COVID, CFOs have been prompted to respond by creating a flexible infrastructure that can adapt to monumental changes in the future. This is why governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes need to be embedded within ERP software, IT infrastructure and organizational culture, which is exactly what NetSuite offers. As businesses go multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-book, NetSuite's GRC processes test new business models that are up to par for complex international businesses. 

For these reasons and many more, NetSuite's Cloud ERP can push a CFO into the Strategic CFO Hall of Fame. If you want to enshrine your company name in the CFO Hall of Fame, utilize all that NetSuite has to offer with their current, informative white papers on the future of cutting-edge business software and capabilities. Download NetSuite's white paper today and learn how to become the CFO you've always dreamed of becoming.

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