The dream of ever-lasting batteries will almost certainly become reality eventually. In the meantime, we find ourselves with a growing proliferation of devices that are hungry for power, especially when you're on the go and away from an outlet. The ScoutPro can keep any of your devices well-fed, no matter how power-hungry they may be, and right now, it's available for just $99.

The ScoutPro is built to charge up to five devices at once. It has a beefy 24,000 mAh battery at its core, enough to charge an iPhone Pro Max six times before you have to recharge your ScoutPro. It includes a wireless magnetic charging pad on top with both a 5W watch charger and 10W device charger for your phone, as well as a USB-C outlet with 60w output for tablets. If you need a bit more power, the 100W USB-C port is perfect for MacBooks, Chromebooks, and other laptops. Finally, the ScoutPro has a USB-A outlet for any other devices that need a boost such as AirPods.

It's also easy to bring with you, at just 3.3 inches wide and 5.4 inches long, for tucking into a work bag or backpack. It charges quickly, going from empty to 100% in just an hour with quick charge tech. It also has pass-through capability, so you can plug it in, connect some of your devices, and get the power you need while the bank fills up, making it ideal for daily use.

As the number of devices we bring with us proliferates, and as working remotely becomes an accepted day-to-day reality, having a good charger and power bank in your briefcase or carry-on will be a necessity. The ScoutPro can help you slim down that proliferation of chargers and cords, and right now you can do it for less: Usually $199.99, the ScoutPro is now available for $99.99, 50% off.

Prices subject to change.

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