Every musician knows the steady click-click-click of the metronome. It's a tool so powerful, it can teach physics as well as music. Yet you can't always bring one with you, and they can be distracting as well as helpful. The Soundbrenner smartwatch changes all of that by bringing wearable technology to the metronome.

The Soundbrenner is a vibrating metronome, so right away you get rid of the clicks that might interfere with your rhythm. It comes with two silicone bands, as well, one for the wrist and one for the arm or ankle. If you want to keep your hands free, you can easily place the Soundbrenner on straps and equipment if you want to keep it with your instruments. The Soundbrenner connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can practice anywhere, even if you don't have signal.

You can set the beat precisely by using the app on iOS or Android, going up to 400 BPM, or you can tap one out on the face instead. Then adjust the tempo with the outer control wheel, and you've got perfect time. You can customize time signatures, subdivisions, and accents to nail precisely what you want, and adjust the LED color and vibration to suit your personal style.

It's also designed to keep the entire band on the same beat; up to five Soundbrenners can be connected to a single phone, and even more can be networked together with multiple phones over Wi-Fi. That makes it perfect for bands working together for the first time, practice sessions with large groups, and any other gathering where you need to stay on tempo.

The lack of a constant ticking noise can also play to your advantage when silence is your goal. One customer from Sweetwater mentions, "This device allows for use of a metronome in situations where an audible pace would be disruptive, such as when practicing in an apartment with silent instruments during late night and early morning hours. This is an excellent practice tool!"

When you're ready for a smarter metronome, and better practice, you can save $20 on the Soundbrenner with the code PULSE20 at checkout, putting it on your wrist for just $79.

Prices subject to change.

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