Aeroponic Vertical Farms

Aeroponic vertical farms use a staggering 95% less water than conventional field farms. Now, backed by $20 million that was raised by AeroFarms Inc., the company is set to begin funding to build more of the high-tech indoor farms

Based in Newark New Jersey, AeroFarms is known for growing and selling various leafy vegetables, such as arugula, watercress, and kale—and they do it with remarkable efficiency.

Plants are grown on proprietary systems that allow the precise delivery of fertilizers directly to the plant’s roots, the system also uses a network of software-controlled LED lights that are designed to let the greens grow.

In addition, a team of horticultural scientists and engineers use a combination of sensors, cameras, and computer algorithms to analyze crop data and adjust particular attributes, such as texture or even flavor, by altering the growing conditions.

More importantly, the greens are grown without the use of soil and pesticides, and it's edible even without washing.

Going Green

The additional investment into aeroponic technology expands the growth and potential of the process, allowing customers to enjoy safely grown )and even custom grown) greens for specific menus. It also lowers chances of outbreaks of foodborne diseases that are common among field farms.

With the funding in place, the company will now plan to launch its consumer brand by the coming year, with more plants to build vertical farms in the pipeline, specifically a new facility located in Newark.


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