A Truly “Green” Source of Renewable Energy: Grass Harbors Hydrogen

It seems that your lawn can definitely do more than you thought.

7. 25. 16 by Arra Dianne Hifarva
Image by stockphoto

A team of scientists from the Cardiff Catalysis Institute of Cardiff University and Queen’s University Belfast have discovered a cheap, efficient, and sustainable way to harvest hydrogen. The element is hiding in fescue grass, a common lawn grass, and can be unlocked with the help of sunlight and a cheap catalyst.

Co-author of the study Professor Michael Bowker, from the Cardiff Catalysis Institute, said: “This really is a green source of energy.


“Hydrogen is seen as an important future energy carrier as the world moves from fossil fuels to renewable feedstocks, and our research has shown that even garden grass could be a good way of getting hold of it.”

These findings, published in the Royal Society journal Proceedings A, may have a significant impact in the field of renewable energy.  Hydrogen has great potential because it has high energy content and it does not release any toxic and harmful gases when burnt.


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