The man behind the 4K videos of the Apple Campus 2 found a new, awe-inspiring engineering complex to feature. Last Saturday, Duncan Sinfield posted a video on YouTube showing the world's largest battery factory.

The Tesla Gigafactory is truly Elon Musk's grand machine. The $5 billion lithium-ion battery factory will be the largest factory on the planet, and will "produce more lithium ion batteries annually than were produced worldwide in 2013," according to the project's website. That would be more than enough to cover Tesla's plans of annually producing 500,000 autonomous, electric cars.

Despite all of this, the Gigafactory's carbon footprint will be negligible — a feat worthy of a company such as Tesla. Further, the Gigafactory is on track for its scheduled 2018 completion.

As of July, the structure was only about 14 percent complete. In Sinfield's video though, the expansion of the initial huge rectangular structure could be seen. The Tesla Gigafactory is a testament to Musk's and Tesla's dedication to creating a more sustainable future, where the batteries and internal components of their electronic cars would be made by the hundreds of thousands.

If you want a look inside the Gigafactory, check out Leonardo DiCaprio’s recently released climate change documentary, Before the Flood.

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