There are a number of collections that are like this — collections that aim to demonstrate science concepts in a way that is easily digestible. Each is unique in its own way, and I really encourage you to spend some time Google-ing about and finding all the various lists, as many of them are terribly informative.

Here, full disclosure, we tried to trace down the original source. This means that, if we found something on Reddit, we did a reverse image search to trace down the original creator and original appearance (and listed the credits as such).

Anyways, we hope you enjoy the show.

1) This is a Reuleaux Triangle

There are curves of constant width besides circles and spheres. It's a convex planar shape whose width is the same regardless of the orientation of the curve.

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2) These Curves of Constant Width Can Drill Square Holes (Yes, Square Holes)

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3) This Is Why Pi Is Significant

This animation shows the act of unrolling a circle's circumference (or trying to), illustrating the ratio π.

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4) This Is How to Make Pascal's Triangle

These are used in algebra and probability, where it can be used to find Combinations.

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5) This Is a Miura Fold

It's a method of folding a flat surface into a smaller size. It consists of tessellated parallelograms and is used in the solar panels of satellites.

6) This Is a Parabola

If you kick a soccer ball (or shoot an arrow, fire a missile, or throw a stone), it will arc up into the air and come down again...following the path of a parabola!

via Mathematics Online

7) This Is a Radian

The radian is the standard unit of angular measure, used in many areas of mathematics.

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8) This Is a Matrix Transposition

A matrix is formed by turning all the rows of a given matrix into columns and vice-versa. The transpose of matrix A is written AT.

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9) This Is a Sierpinski Triangle

It's a kind of fractal, a mathematically generated pattern that can be reproducible at any magnification or reduction.

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10) Here's How You Convert Cartesian (Rectangular) to Polar Coordinates

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11) This Is How Exterior Angles of Polygons Work

They add up to 360 degrees.

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12) This Is a Hyperboloid Made up of Straight Lines

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13) This Is Also a Hyperboloid of Straight Lines

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14) This Is How White Blood Cells Keep You Safe

In the video, a white blood cell chases and engulfs this bacteria — watch until the end!

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15) This Is Earth's Ice and Vegetation Cycle over a Year

via NASA

16) There Is Flammable Matter in Smoke

Smoke is not just nothingness, obviously, so it can burn.

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17) This Is What It Looks Like When You Set a Flammable Gas on Fire in a Contained Environment

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18) This Is Quantum Levitation Due to Vortex Pinning

A superconductor levitates over a magnetic track.

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19) This Is How Tension Works in Relation to Falling Objects

Watch a slinky fall to the Earth; this is how slinkies always fall.

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20) Not All Gasses Have the Same Density

Sulphur hexafluoride is much denser than air.

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21) BONUS! And Remember, All Those Amazing Astronomy Images Are Much More Than 2D Images...

The Elephant’s Trunk nebula in 3D.

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