With all the confirmed and unconfirmed leaks circulating on the internet, the iPhone 8 might be the frontrunner for most highly anticipated phone of the year. However, a newly announced device might be more worthy of your attention than Apple's 10-year-old phone — this one's got holograms.

Professional digital camera maker RED just announced that it's building the Hydrogen One, and they're calling it the world's first "holographic" phone. It is expected to have a retina-display screen that can switch from 2D content to "holographic multi-view content, 3D content, and interactive games."

Image Credit: Red

Even more exciting is that it doesn't require special glasses. "It's no longer necessary to carry (or charge) another device to enjoy multi-dimensional content," RED said in a press release. "Experience 'look around depth' in the palm of your hand, no glasses or headsets in sight."

As for specs, details are limited. What we know is that the Hydrogen One would be a 5.7-inch phone that runs Android and has a headphone jack. It comes in a low-tier version, priced at $1,195, and a higher-end one at $1,595. The phone's expected to ship by early 2018.

If the Hydrogen One delivers, it's going to be the device of our holographic dreams. They're talking about holograms in true "Help me, Obi Wan" fashion. Who doesn't want that? Most hologram technology today still requires a separate viewing device, but some studies are working toward projected holography — RED just may have already figured it out.

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