The Future of the SUV

Efforts from several industries are really striving towards sustainable development and the use of renewable energy. An important contributor is from automotive transport, where electric vehicles are taking over and steering course toward a cleaner future that's fossil fuel-free.

Telsa is, thus far, leading the electric vehicle market. The company's advocacy toward renewable energy, coupled with their top-notch technology has brought in the proverbial bacon. As a testament to this leadership, the company was pleased to announce on their website that their Model X SUV won the prestigious Golden Steering Wheel (Das Goldene Lenkrad) for best SUV.

The Model X was nominated by hundreds of thousands of automotive representatives across Europe for its excellence in six categories. It was judged for three days by the Golden Steering Wheel jury, composed of professional race car drivers, accomplished technicians, editors, designers, and digital and connectivity experts.

Tesla's website discussed the improvements their SUV unit has developed through the years: environment-sensing capabilities that improve door and seat function, refinement in their keyless entry system, intelligent automatic seat adjusting, software-controlled temperature adjustment, and a widely-connective "infotainment" system.

Photo credit: Tesla

It's been called the "Future of the SUV", and this family-oriented car is proving that it may be as well.

EV Revolution

Electric cars are becoming better and better, and more automotive companies are jumping on the bandwagon of developing their brand's EV. Recently, developments in the area have shown a push toward making models available at a modest range of prices, contrary to popular thought that EV ownership is attainable only for the rich. Forecasts are predicting that electric vehicles could constitute about 35 percent of global car sales by 2040. It wouldn't be surprising if, someday soon, EVs even become cheaper than gas cars.

Continued research in electric vehicles and renewable energy are vital to cutting back on the greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change, as well as pose many health risks to urban dwellers. It looks like we're accelerating toward a better future.

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