If you follow the infamous Elon Musk on Twitter, you'll have seen the hints he's been dropping about Tesla's new fully autonomous self-driving cars. Yesterday, he announced that all of the Tesla cars in production will be fully capable of self-driving, and today, the electric vehicle market leader shared a video demonstration of its technological prowess.

In the video, we can watch a fully autonomous Tesla drive around town (a human is in the driver's seat but only to abide by government regulation — he never touches the wheel). The vehicle's enhanced autopilot is probably smarter than some human drivers; in the video, it was able to drive around to find a parking spot and was courteous enough to drive past a spot for disabled drivers.

Tesla's self-driving cars are equipped with multiple cameras and sensors that offer long-range, 360-degree visibility. The company's site claims that the car has superior navigating skills, knows which lane you're supposed to be in, can switch to faster lanes in traffic, and can even be summoned by a phone app to drive back to you no matter where you are.

Self-driving vehicles are expected to revolutionize road safety and transportation, and as Tesla and other car makers keep advancing their autonomous vehicle technology, we move closer to that future when humans are behind the wheel, but the cars are doing the driving.

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