As the pandemic has essentially moved the world online, the Internet is becoming more susceptible to crimes such as identity theft, phishing, and email scams. Reports suggest that ransomware attacks have surged by a whopping 800-percent, while it is also expected that cybercrime will cost the global economy $6.1 trillion in 2021. And as Cybercrime Magazine reports, if money made from cyber crime was compared to the GDP of countries, it would be the world's third-largest economy. But luckily, using a virtual private network (VPN) goes a long way toward protecting yourself online. And when it comes to finding the right VPN, TunnerlBear is one of the most trusted names in the business.

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Though a VPN functions in a rather complicated manner, they are pretty simple to understand. It's a tool that encrypts and protects the information you share online. The internet connection is essentially a path between your device and the server that provides you with the information you need. However, many third-parties can enter that connection, meaning that they can see your browsing choices and personal data. For example, your Internet Service Provide (ISP) frequently tracks your browsing preferences and sometimes sells the information to third parties for adverting purposes. But a VPN essentially makes your data unreadable for ISPs, hackers, and other entities that are trying to view your connection.

People previously dismissed VPNs as overly complicated. However, TunnelBear is arguably one of the best, most user friendly VPNs available. Apart from basic encryption, TunnelBear allows you to unlock the content that would otherwise not be available in your location, bypassing local censorship. In the process of encryption, TunnelBear changes your IP address (your computer’s ID), meaning that no one will be able to trace or monitor your browsing.

TunnelBear does not require excessive computer knowledge. Simply log into the app, select a country you would like to connect from, press ON on the toggle switch, and enjoy browsing. The process applies to any device, no matter if you’re browsing from your Android/iOS, or your laptop/PC.

TunnelBear offers 26 countries you can browse from, including Peru, Germany, France, UK, Japan, India, Brazil, and many more. This means that you can browse from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. Is Netflix not available in the country you are in? With TunnelBear, you can enjoy your favorite episode of The Office or Breaking Bad, no matter where you are.

However, browsing from abroad isn’t just exclusive for streaming services - you can access anything using TunnelBear, including news outlets, shopping sites, and more. TunnelBear also boosts your Internet connection by fighting “bandwidth throttling” that ISPs use to regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion. This way, you can potentially brows, stream, and download significantly faster than before.

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What’s more, TunnelBear offers you 500MB of VPN data to try for free. This way, you can decide whether it's the right choice before you commit.

In these overly complicated times, the Internet has become a machine that can quite easily do more harm than good. However, with tools like TunnelBear, the Internet reverts solely to its primary purpose - safely sharing information. So click here to start making your connections more secure with TunnelBear.

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