While in the near future, that business trip may be done by robot, not plane, we'll always be a species with at least a little wanderlust. The World Traveler Bundle can fulfill that urge, and right now, you can save 20% off with the code TRAVEL20 at checkout.

First, you'll learn the language with a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, which gives you access to all 24 languages on the platform. The premier language training app for 27 years, used by corporations and organizations around the world, Rosetta Stone combines advanced voice recognition with courses designed by top linguists to get you communicating by training you in everyday skills like shopping, navigating public transit and even making small talk about pop songs. It's all broken down into short lessons, and it's accessible anywhere you've got an internet connection.

While you're getting fluent, the Complete 2021 Travel Hacker Bundle has thirteen hours of tips and tricks to get around the world safely and cheaply. You'll learn how to work from anywhere, how to get the most out of your budget, how to take snapshots that capture the beauty of your destination, and even how to move overseas if that's your ultimate goal. It's ideal for working vacations, and for just learning how veteran travelers stretch a dollar.

Finally, you get a three-year subscription to Matt's Flights. Just punch your preferred airport into the system and you'll get emails telling you about the cheapest flights as they come up, or put in a request to see what's lowest. You'll also get access to other flight deals, and one-on-one travel planning.

Normally, this bundle would cost $1784. Right now, though, you can save an extra 20% off the 88% discount on offer with the code TRAVEL20 at checkout, and get the entire bundle for $159.20.

Prices subject to change.

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