We tend to associate AI with science and math, yet it's coming into the art world as well. Photography, in particular, has been a focus of machine learning from the beginning, and for experts and aspiring artists alike, it's achieved some breathtaking results on tiny budgets. This Luminar 4 bundle not only brings award-winning AI to the light table to edit your photos, it includes a suite of add-ons to create specific moods from the fantastic to the gritty.

Luminar has collected a pile of awards and high praise from critics since it first launched in 2016, including best photo software of 2020 from the EISA and best photo plug-in of 2017 and 2019 from the Technical Image Press Association. Luminar, currently on version 4, uses cutting-edge machine learning to refine photographs by enhancing skies, improving skin tone, adding or erasing objects, and more. Use it as a plug-in for your favorite software, or use it on its own to quickly add a layer of polish to any photo.

Also included are three Add-Ons and Lookup Tables (LUTs) that add stormy skies, fantasy planets, urban style, and grit, or an old-school analog look to your shots. It's a great introduction if you're new to AI and want to experiment with it, and to see how Add-ons and LUTs can subtly change the emotional tone of a photo.

Finally, while an AI editor is a good tool to have, improving your shooting game gives the software more to work with. Luminar's developer, Skylum, has developed a photography fundamentals course with ThinkTapLearn to help you refine your photography style and develop approaches to new techniques, whether you're taking snapshots with your phone or using a DSLR to capture the best images possible.

Normally this would cost $270 if you bought it all separately. But right now, you can save 85% and get the bundle for just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.

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