In Berlin, an AI is working alongside 12 urban artists from around the world to create the street art of the future.

Fantasize, experiment, imagine: these are things only humans were traditionally thought to be capable of– until recently. 

For <MEISTERSTÜCKE> (German for “masterpieces”), the visual data sets of 12 artists’ Instagram accounts (including 3D art, illustration, photography and graffiti) were used to feed an AI. The machine, programmed by Berlin design studio Waltz Binaire, was able to transfer the data into numbers and then identify patterns, contexts and shapes within the information. 

Under the creative guidance of maverick Jazzelle Zanaughtti, aka. Ugly Worldwide, 12 <MEISTERSTÜCKE> were born, showing how the future of urban art might look. The results also include an interactive face filter inspired by the project, bringing the artwork to life for Instagram users.  

<MEISTERSTÜCKE> is being showcased as a virtual exhibition (as well as via changing
projection murals on the streets of Berlin Kreuzberg). Contributing artists are from all over the globe, and include prominent contemporary creators such as Antoni Tudisco, Tony Futura, RAWS and Andrea Wan.

The project was initiated and enabled by Jägermeister. For more info, visit:

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