For better or for worse, webinars and videoconferencing have moved from ways to meet cute animals to the center of our professional lives. LiveWebinar Pro makes running a webinar a seamless, painless experience by putting every tool you need at your fingertips.

Easy To Design

First, LiveWebinar is easy to set up and use to design your presentation, down to the last detail. Because it's on a cloud platform, there are no compatibility problems to reconcile or software to download, either for presenters or attendees. Up to 100 attendees can watch on a smart TV, for hybrid events, on their mobile device when they're on the go, and there's even a phone bridge if they lose data.

The advanced API integration connects to all the tools you've already set up for your business, including marketing automation tools like Zapier and Mailchimp. Social media tools make setting up streams to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo simple. And customized branding and virtual backgrounds mean you'll be promoting your business, not your webinar software.

Easy To Run

Once the rehearsals are done and the RSVPs accepted, LiveWebinar makes running your webinar simple. Its superior screen-sharing tools ensure a smooth handoff between presenters, and a personal cloud for files means you won't have to leave anything open on your desktop.

It's easy to deploy user engagement tools like surveys and polls, and you can even set up virtual whiteboards to brainstorm and encourage ideas. Once you're done, the quick recording tools give you up to six hours of video to share with the attendees who couldn't make it and the analytics will tell you who was engaged and who you need to follow up with. Whether you're selling virtually, working on breakouts internally, or are presenting as part of your marketing campaign, it lets you focus on results, not configuration.

Get a lifetime subscription to LiveWebinarPro today for $99.99, or 86 percent off. 

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