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Uncall Blocks Robocalls, Junk Texts, and Telemarketers Once and for All

Pay a small, one-time-only fee, you'll get a lifetime of protection.

11. 14. 19 by Futurism Creative
Image by Uncall

Smartphones are an almost mandatory requirement for modern life and perform a vast array of useful functions. Unfortunately, as probably everyone who’s reading this knows, they also come with some extremely frequent annoyances.  Specifically, they allow advertisers and scammers with a way to send you spam texts, robocalls, and annoying voicemails. These calls and messages can simply be ignored, of course. But you probably know how annoying it can be to get deluged with calls and messages from salespeople and scam artists. And nobody enjoys having to deal with spoofed numbers that are designed to look like local calls. Luckily, with Uncall, you can quickly and cheaply take your number out of the hands of these pests, so that it stays only with those who you want to have it.

The first step towards a significantly less annoying future with Uncall is to head over to its official site and enter your number for a free “rough analysis” that tells you how popular your number has become on telemarketing lists and other even less reputable sources. It will also confirm that it can be used with your phone number, but since that covers numbers located in the US, UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, and beyond, it’s a fairly safe bet that it can be.

Uncall – Test Your Number Now For Free

Once you decide Uncall can make your life a little bit more bearable, you pay just $15 per device (or $10 for five devices or more) to either remove your phone number from these telemarketing and dark web lists, and to have them marked as a “bad conversions” with telemarketers, which flags your number as disconnected or not worth calling.

Uncall does this through two basic processes. The first (and easiest) is known as civil leadsheet unlisting, and happens by simply calling those that operate relatively legitimate white-hat lists and asking that your number be removed. This is something that you could theoretically do yourself. But Uncall takes this cumbersome and tedious process and handles it all for you. The second is called “darkweb registry removal,” and it’s a similar process. But as its name suggests, it involves working with contacts Uncall has on the darker corners of the internet, and removing your number from lists that scammers use to find victims.

And to be totally clear, you pay a one-time fee of $10-$15 per number, not a monthly or yearly charge. That’s despite the fact that Uncall offers lifetime support for your device, and monthly checkups to make sure your number hasn’t fallen into any new bad hands.


So head over to Uncall’s official site now and get started with a free rough analysis for your phone number, and a life free of annoying calls and texts could soon be yours.

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