With the evolving nature of threats, somebody needs to watch out for our military satellites. While the threat of a Star Wars-like space battle isn't exactly imminent, that isn't stopping the U.S. from taking action. The U.S. is instituting a 'Space Mission Force' to operate military satellites in response to threats.

"Adversaries have developed and fielded capabilities to disrupt and deny the space systems we operate on behalf of the United States and our allies," writes US General John Hyten. "Consequently, [we] must organize, train and equip our space forces in a way that maintains our vigilance."

Schriever Air Force Base's Standard Space Trainer Integrated Training Center. Credit: Engadget

The plan titled "Space Mission Force: Developing Space Warfighters for Tomorrow" proposes more operators who will undergo comprehensive training, and then be deployed alongside experienced operators.

Two squadrons of the Air Force's Space Command are already undergoing training, and the Space Wing that mans Air Force missile warning satellites will move over to the Space Mission Force next year, according to Space News.

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