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Firefighter Helmets Now Have Built In Thermal Imaging

This is the first major upgrade to this technology in decades.

Colin AboyApril 22nd 2016

Tyco’s Scott Safety is bringing a big upgrade to the field of firefighting with their newly released product, the Scott Sight. This hands-free device is the first in the industry that incorporates an in-mask thermal intelligence system, according to an April 18th press release from the fire protection and security company.

The Scott Sight works in a similar way to Google Glass. A screen within the mask itself displays readings and various interfaces via a thermal camera at nine frames per second for up to four hours.

Thermal imaging, an essential part of fighter fighter’s operations, has been done using handheld cameras since the 1990s. Tyco believes the Scott Sight is so revolutionary because it’s the first major upgrade to the technology in decades.

The new product removes the need for hand-held thermal imaging devices, and allows firefighters to work more effectively and safely in the hero business.

Someday, Scott Sight could even help save your life.

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