VR School

Video game design school Cogswell College in San Jose, California will be the world’s first school to have a Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Certificate Program, which aims to help students learn VR and AR’s “cognitive and perceptual aspects.”

The program will also equip students with the skills to develop “human/computer interface and interaction design.”

Other programs involve using VR and AR in storytelling, and teaching VR design principles, which itself is a study still ripe for discovery.

The program has an industry advisory board of VR and AR leaders, including JauntVR Production Technology Supervisor Curt Miyashiro, CloudPic CEO Richard Chaung, Azimyth Creation Studio CEO Stephanie Riggs, Citrix Systems Senior Architect Fabien Bourbon, and Geomedia Director of 3DInteractive Jeremy Kenisky.

Your Virtual Education

The Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Certificate Program is comprised of six individual courses that must be taken towards earning the certificate. Their website states that the program’s purpose is to “provide professionals in the computer graphics industry the opportunity to join development teams that create VR or AR content.”

These courses include Human Computer Interface & Interaction Design, which focuses on the challenges of integrating computer interfaces to human perception, and Perception, Cognition and Presence in VR/AR, a course that covers replicating human senses in virtual reality and its fundamentals.

There are two other courses that focus on design principles in VR and AR. The remaining two courses are project models that involve working in multidisciplinary collaborative projects.

Classes will be offered on weekday evenings and weekends so as to accommodate industry professionals.

Being a pioneering program it’ll cost $4,194, putting each course at $699 and would be vital education in the growing industry of VR and AR. Educating more capable developers and designers in creating VR and AR experiences helps ensure a future where virtual reality and augmented reality become essential parts of the human experience.

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