Vesta, the 3D concrete printer, was just used to print a house. Though the word "house" may be a little suspect. Admittedly, given its size, the structure is more of a tool shed than a home, but one could theoretically live inside of it.

The structure took 24 hours to print and boasts a 2 x 1 square meter (7 x 4 square feet) interior. The printer is able to work at a speed of about .3 feet per second and only requires a single person to operate from a computer and feed the printer concrete.

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The project was partly funded by Engineer Alex Le Roux and a Michigan-based architectural firm ModEco Development LCC. The firm embraces nontraditional and environment friendly methods of construction while Le Roux designed and built the 3D concrete printer. Their partnership is a perfect match.

They are now planning on using more environment friendly cement. Le Roux used the second version of Vesta for the project and expects the third version to be ready in August, hoping that it will be printing 3 times faster than the current version's speed.

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