Life is too short to settle on bad wine. With its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, there are more benefits to wine than just a delicious way to complement meals, relax after long days or celebrate special occasions. But how many times have you looked forward to what you thought might be a great vintage, only to discover hints of nail polish remover and burnt rubber?

Thanks to a couple of MIT grads with a passion for wine, you no longer need to guess. They’ve created an algorithm powered by fancy formulas and complex mathematics that scores wines by comparing 18 attributes to different individual preferences. Their unique algorithm is called Bright Points, and their company is called Bright Cellars. By harnessing this technology, you can discover the favorite wines you don’t even know about and make them more accessible. The process is simple.

Three Easy Steps

Get started by taking an easy seven-question quiz about your food and lifestyle preferences, which takes about 30 seconds to complete. Next, view your matches and gain a better understanding of the reasons why you might like the recommendations, along with suggestions on how to better enjoy the wines. Then, try four new wines that are matched to your profile every month, skipping or canceling at any time. There are also bi-monthly and quarterly options for your shipments. Don’t like one of the wines you’re matched with? With their Delight Guarantee, a Bright Cellar Wine Concierge will help you select a replacement bottle to be included in your next month's shipment.

Knowledgeable and Discerning

Bright Cellars, located in Wisconsin, has been delivering wine matches directly to doorsteps since 2015. Their staff of passionate wine lovers is focused on the taste of your selections, as opposed to the label. They use data to look for the new, unique and hidden gems from small vineyards all over the world, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, South America, Australia and South Africa. The wines are sampled by a team of in-house sommeliers, who typically allow only one in a dozen wines they taste to make it into the Bright Cellar collections.

With such expertise behind the scenes, Bright Cellars has been able to provide insightful wine information to its members. With each box, you’ll receive fascinating wine education cards that teach you more about the regions, tasting notes, serving temperatures, food pairings and other specific characteristics of the wines you love. Their thoughtful and unique packaging allows bottles to be shipped on their side, rather than upright, keeping the corks moist and preventing oxidation — which can affect the color and flavor of wine.

Better Over Time

Through their rewards program, you can get bonus bottles and other perks by rating your wines and referring friends. Every wine you rate also improves your future matches, since the sophisticated algorithm learns more about your taste preferences with every rating. The more you rate, the more precise your matches.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for wine-loving friends and family? Along with wine-related giftsit’s super easy to send a certificate for a Bright Cellar subscription that includes your own tailored message. With a subscription to Bright Cellars, your friends and family can also get matched with personalized recommendations and stop wasting money on the wrong wine. Start getting matched today and Bright Cellars will take 50% off your first six-bottle box, a $45 value. Please drink responsibly, and enjoy!

Prices subject to change. Must be over 21-years-old. Delivery to all states, except Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Mississippi, Utah and part of Kentucky (due to liquor regulations).

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