Coming Out of Beta

When dealing with large amounts of data, Automated Insights’ Wordsmith technology allows writers to focus on being creative by using AI to auto-generate the first version of their story for them. The technology has already been used by the Associated Press and Yahoo! to auto-generate data heavy articles. Now, users can sign up to access the beta for the public version of Wordsmith, with an official release planned on January.

From Spreadsheets to Prose

Wordsmith is a platform that allows writers to upload CSV files of large data sets. It then generates natural language reports based on that data. Wordsmith follows a predetermined template set by the user and allows the creation of branching paths. Phrases used can be randomized for added variety.

Ultimately, the Wordsmith platform another tool to help writers. Automated Insights CEO Robbie Allen says, "The writing process has largely been untouched. The way that you write now is not much different than how you did it 30 years ago."

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