From Elon Musk to Stephen Hawking, individuals around the globe are calling for caution and warning about the potentially dangerous pitfalls of artificially intelligent systems. And no wonder. It seems that each day brings forth a new autonomous robot or a new use for an intelligent system. Add to that all the movies and books in which AI is the evil “bad guy,” and it’s easy to feel like undercurrents of fear are slowly permeating our society.

But how much of our fear is a joke, and how much of our fear is justified?

We have previously covered the sensationalism and hype that often surrounds conversations about AI, but here, the Future of Life brings experts together to take a deeper dive into these issues. Namely, they tackle the concerns and fears that actual researchers have about policy and the future of AI.

Dario Amodei has an extensive history with AI. Currently, he is working with OpenAI, a non-profit that is focused on AI research, and he is also the lead author of Concrete Problems in AI Safety. Seth Baum is the Executive Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute,

Podcasts not your preference? You can read the transcript here.

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