Three-wheeled vehicles are riding the same wave of technology that's sweeping their four-wheeled brothers. While previously confined to motorcycles with sidecars, the three wheel category is currently being filled with electric and other teched-out variants.

And now, here comes the SuperTrike. Looking like a tricked-out paddle car, the SuperTrike offers a very common feature among three-wheelers nowadays—leaning and tilting. But what makes it unique is the system that allows it: an intelligent computer system called CoPilot.

Steering the vehicle uses conventional handlebars, not unlike the system used in motorcycles, but the system that controls its leaning and tilting is CoPilot. CoPilot's job is to keep the cabin perfectly level over any sort of terrain, and lean the trike into corners for a less nausea-inducing experience.

This translates into more comfort for passengers. Instead of your weight being pushed to the outside of the corner like it would be in a car, leaning pushes downward instead. It helps prevent motion sickness when you're going through the curves.

The company that makes the SuperTrike, Terracraft Motors, is accepting customers. But unlike the typical startup route, the trike will start with a low volume, custom, bespoke business model.

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