The Humber River Hospital

Hailed as the first fully digital hospital in North America, the Humber River Hospital in Toronto, CA finally opened its doors to the public on October 18. In addition to being equipped with the most advanced technologies, robots currently man several areas of the facility. This includes the radiology area where they facilitate the X-Ray procedure and the chemotherapy area where they mix, prepare, and monitor the drugs being administered to the patients. Before the drugs get to the patients, each package is checked and scanned thoroughly through an information management system to make sure that the patients get the correct treatment. These automated robots will also be assisting the health care staff by carrying and delivering medical supplies and food for patients.

Here's a video of one of the automated robots in action:

The Patients

The hospital current has 656 beds, and on opening day 351 patients were successfully transferred from several medical facilities in Toronto. The patients were very excited about the move, and the move was done within two hours. To streamline the process, each room is equipped with a touchpad wherein they can see all of their medical records and charts, contact their loved ones, and play games.

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