"For [Tesla] to treat me like this right now, just imagine how they are gonna treat you guys as the regular consumer."

Rizz Lemon

After weeks of protracted issues with his Cybertruck, a vlogger is melting down and rescinding his Tesla fandom.

In a new video posted on X-formerly-Twitter, self-described Tesla influencer Lamar MK sounded off over the company's alleged refusal to replace his "lemon" Cybertruck, which has essentially been undrivable since he first got it in April.

"If you are considering buying a Tesla right now, or know somebody that's gonna buy a Tesla right now, I would seriously reconsider your options," the North Carolina-based vlogger said in his 11-minute-long video, which was also posted to YouTube.

Aw Shucks

Back in mid-March, MK breathlessly described in a video the ecstasy and "pure awe" he felt upon having his Cybertruck delivered. But within a few weeks, it became clear that his was even more of a dud than others.

By early May, the vlogger said he'd taken his brutalist pickup to the Tesla dealership for maintenance on three separate occasions, and had only been able to drive it intermittently between breakdowns. As such, he demanded that the company send him a replacement, which under North Carolina's "Lemon Law," he should, if he's telling the truth, be entitled to.

"My truck wasn’t just plagued by one issue," the vlogger wrote in another X post. "It has had all the major issues."


During his most recent diatribe, MK claimed that a "lot of people" have purchased Teslas upon his recommendation and using his referral link, which to him makes the Elon Musk-owned company's supposed refusal to replace his crappy Cybertruck all the more upsetting.

"For [Tesla] to treat me like this right now," he said, "just imagine how they are gonna treat you guys as the regular consumer."

Self-aggrandizing aside, MK's situation sounds quite dire, especially considering that he appears to make part of his living from ride-alongs and other Tesla tourism services.

As of right now, we have to take the vlogger's word about the Cybertruck issues he's faced and Tesla's lack of response. We've emailed Tesla's national press address and the address related to its Raleigh service center, but considering that Musk is fond of cutting his press teams, we're not expecting much of a response.

Until then, MK's word will have to do — and if a hyper-stan like him can be swayed against Tesla in such a manner, that's pretty striking.

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