Cursed Clip

Watch out, Pixel phone users: there's a spooky video afoot — and it's crashing phones.

Android Authority reports that watching a certain YouTube video through the official app will inexplicably cause various versions of Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 phones to abruptly reboot without warning.

Countless users in a Reddit thread attested to the baffling glitch. Some even found that the video-induced reboot can cause issues with connecting to their cellular network, but it appears that can be fixed with a manual restart.

A staffer at The Verge also confirmed that their Pixel 6 crashed upon watching the pesky video.

But so far, Google is yet to comment on the situation or respond to any outlets — but give it a few days and we might hear from someone on the Android team.

Great Scott!

And what could such a YouTube clip capable of forcing Google smartphones to restart possibly be?

As it turns out, it's a 4K clip from the classic sci-fi horror movie "Alien." That's right: Ridley Scott's sophomore feature starring Sigourney Weaver is so terrifying that it continues to find new ways to haunt unsuspecting audiences over 40 years later.

In all seriousness, though, the real reason the YouTube clip crashes Pixel phones is unknown, but many speculate it may be due to how the phones process the rich colors of High Dynamic Range (HDR) formatting. That's because a similar issue already cropped up in 2020 that crashed Google and Samsung phones when setting a specific "cursed wallpaper" as their background image.

And just like with that wallpaper, jokesters are already sending the video to people as a mischievous prank, with many in the YouTube comments joking that the video looks great on their Pixel phones.

You can watch the clip here if you're curious, but you should probably hold off if you own a Pixel. Actually, screw a grainy YouTube clip — just go watch the damn movie, which is a masterpiece.

In the meantime, Google must answer for the crime of preventing Pixel users from beholding Sigourney Weaver in glorious 2160p.

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