Doggos in the time of coronavirus.

Paging MacGyver

As more and more parts of the world find themselves in total or at least partial lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic, many people have been unsure what, if any, outdoor excursions are permitted.

Just to be safe, a man in Cyprus decided to use his drone to make sure his pet dog still got its exercise without venturing out himself, according to the New York Daily News. By tethering the dog's leash to his drone — not near the blades so they wouldn't tangle — the man was able to lead his dog around from afar. Though, to be fair, a brief video shows the dog doing most of the leading.

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Posted by Vakis Demetriou on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Dog Bites Drone

The video, fun as it is, points to a bigger concern that people have as the pandemic continues: does social distancing — which the World Health Organization now suggests calling "physical distancing" — really mean that people social distancing and self-isolation really mean that they shouldn’t go outside at all?

The answer, as it seems in most areas right now, seems to be no. Walks outside are fine, experts say, and this guy could have gone out with his dog as long as he still exercised caution and practiced good hygiene — wash your hands for 20 seconds, folks — before and after the fact.

All the same, a little technological shortcut doesn’t hurt either.

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