Dmitri Martin via YouTube
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Watch This Madlad Pick Up a Starbucks Coffee Using a Drone

byJon Christian
4. 13. 20
Dmitri Martin via YouTube

Points for creativity.

Cuppa Joe

The global pandemic is bringing out weird behavior among coffee drinkers. Remember Jerry Saltz, a sexagenarian caffeine lover who went massively viral for hoarding takeaway coffees from a gas station and reheating them, one by one?

Well, a new vid puts Saltz to shame — showing a coffee lover picking up his Starbucks order using a drone.

Drone Goes Whrrr

YouTuber Dmitri Marian says he pulled the pickup off with a midrange DJI Mavic 2.

He fixed a basket to the drone using a string, then flew it over to his neighborhood Starbucks. He called in his order and asked if they could put his coffee in the basket — and, as you can see in footage shot from the drone, a bemused barista obliged.


Chains We Forge

In a separate video uploaded about two weeks ago, Marian pulled off a similar stunt with McDonald’s coffee — and, in the description, chided viewers against bad drone behavior.

“Please don’t fly drones with bad intention like drone spying or drone racing near people,” he wrote.

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