Don't break a window!


Astronauts on the International Space Station took a few minutes to play some zero-gravity baseball last week.

Thankfully, no windows were broken and no balls were lost in the neighbor's yard during the stunt, which the New York Post reports was a promotion for the World Series. There was no room to run bases, but one pitch captured on video is a cool glimpse into how astronauts can blow off some steam on board the ISS.

Making Do

The ISS crewmembers got their hands on a real baseball, but apparently had to replace a normal bat with a large flashlight, per the Post.

The pitch appears pretty slow — whipping a fastball across a space station seems like a way to cause a catastrophe. But as reports, the astronauts were quick to take credit for throwing a 17,500 mph fastball — the speed at which the International Space Station orbits Earth.

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