But, you know, you probably shouldn't.

Forbidden Idolatry

Hey, you! Yes, you, discerning consumer! Do you have $5,830 to burn and disposable income where your soul should be? If so, it's a great day to be you: A Russian company called Caviar is selling an Elon Musk-themed iPhone 12 for that exact amount!

Caviar has a long history of selling outlandish and expensive iPhone designs, Fox Business reports. Now, the company is claiming that its Elon Musk model gives customers a little piece of history in the form of some nondescript chunk of a SpaceX rocket.

Scrap Metal

As CNBC reporter Michael Sheetz points out on Twitter, Caviar doesn't clarify where it's getting this alleged SpaceX scrap metal beyond vague references to the Demo-2 mission. So, you know, buyer beware.

Even more interesting is the small fact that there's no such thing as the iPhone 12, at least for a few more months. But don't let that stop you from being the first to cop that grail, king.

Some Thoughts

In the event the Muskphone won't arrive soon enough for you, player, we here at Futurism compiled this brief list of other, better things that also cost about $5,800. For example:

And you know what? You could even still use that money to help out ol' Elon: $5,800 would get you 58 Cybertruck preorders, and at least those don't come with any sort of commitment.

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