Who's the culprit?

Tag Sale

Someone who apparently really hates Tesla CEO Elon Musk and has access to cans of spray paint tagged "F**k Elon" on each of the 34 Tesla Cybertrucks parked in a lot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, WPLG Local 10 reports

The graffiti came to light in the wee early morning hours of Friday last week when a passerby, walking his dog, took notice of the vandalized Cybertrucks, which start around at $80,000 apiece, and took a video of the cars for posting online.

"Vandalism is not acceptable," the passerby, Yasser Rabello, told the local TV news outlet, stating the obvious. "It is illegal."

Later that day, all the Cybertrucks — which are collectively worth around $2.7 million — were wiped clean and started attracting local residents and the curious who had gotten wind of the curse-laden graffiti job on the Tesla vehicles.

"It was just one row and then it was a second row, and then a third row and a fourth row," Adam Docktor, who works in the neighborhood, told WPLG Local 10 about when he first say the tagged vehicles.

"I just heard about it and I came out here to see if it was true and I see all of these Teslas," TikToker Chase Thomas told the news outlet.

Hate Parade

Local police are investigating the incident with the Cybertrucks, which were basically sitting ducks because the lot, which Tesla leased for storage, is open to anybody with "no security, no gates, nothing," as described by TikToker AJ Cook to WPLG Local 10.

Who would hate on the Cybertruck and Musk and take the time to tag these trucks? Possibilities abound.

Perhaps it's a frustrated owner of a Cybertruck, which have had a rocky reception online and in real life. The most recent bad news for the much-hyped vehicle is that Tesla delayed the delivery of some Cybertrucks because the laughably gigantic 62-inch windshield wiper keeps failing.

Other bad Cybertruck news is that the vehicle can cause bodily injury or will send you to the mechanic multiple times, frustrating many motorists who were excited about the vehicle when Musk first unveiled it in 2019. Other Cybertruck pain points include range and charging issues and towing capacity.

Or perhaps the graffiti vandal just hates Musk period and sees the Cybertruck as representative of his outsize reign on larger society.

Like the Cybertruck, Musk is erratic and prone to overpromising and under delivering, from Tesla to Twitter. And he seems to have little care for employees, like the ones at SpaceX and Tesla who get injured.

And at a deeper level, Musk — as described by his biographer Walter Isaacson — can be a "jerk."

And that sentiment is aptly described in the tagged graffiti: "F**k Elon."

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