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US Space Force Launches Secretive Spacecraft

byJon Christian
5. 18. 20

This slow-motion footage is pretty impressive.

Space Plane

The newly-minted US Space Force launched a secretive Boeing spacecraft this weekend, in a mission that reportedly contains a payload of military and NASA experiments.

The spacecraft in question is the Boeing X-37B, an uncrewed space plane that looks like a tiny Space Shuttle and has already spent long, mysterious periods in the Earth’s orbit under the purview of other branches of the US military.

Force Field

Publicly-disclosed material on board the spacecraft, which launched on an Atlas V rocket on Sunday from Cape Canaveral, include a pair of NASA experiments and equipment designed to test the possibility of beaming solar power down to Earth from space.


The Space Force has been a pet project of the Trump Administration, which debuted its Star Trek-esque flag last week in an eyebrow-raising ceremony during which the president bragged about a “super-duper missile.”

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