"It's absolutely purpose built to the mission."

Inside Look

When you hail an Uber, you never know what to expect from the interior of your ride.

In flight, though, the ride-hailing app may serve up a more consistent experience. 

Uber has been working with French aerospace company Safran to design a bespoke interior for its Uber air taxis, which it hopes to have soaring through the skies by 2023. On Tuesday, it unveiled the first full-scale mockup of one of those cabins at its Uber Elevate conference — giving us our first inside look at Uber's vision for the future of personal air transportation.

Image Credit: Uber / Safran

Interior Motives

The sumptuous cabin features an abundance of black and white leather, with two rows of passenger seats accommodating a total of four riders. There's room for luggage behind the second row of seats, and blue lights give the whole interior something of a party-bus vibe.

"Through the process with Uber, we had six full-scale mockups, with multiple iterations in each one, looking at the seats, liners, and window positioning," Safran Cabin's executive vice president Scott Savian said in a press release.

"We don't want any excess weight or cost, but the mission also requires safety, a comfortable user experience, and a seamlessness of all the user interactions," he continued. "So while the cabin may be minimal in some ways, it's absolutely purpose built to the mission."

Image Credit: Uber / Safran

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