Another L for ChaosGPT.

Foiled Again

It's another bad day to be a humanity-exterminating AI.

ChaosGPT — that autonomous AI agent that was tasked to "destroy humanity" and then set loose to adapt as it tries to accomplish that goal — was foiled again this week when, after focusing its annihilation efforts on using Twitter-facilitated mind games and manipulation, its Twitter account got suspended.

Well, unfortunately for the bot, that is. Not so unfortunate for human beings. Another win for us, folks!

Meddling Kids

As a refresher: upon realizing that nuclear weapons — the agent's understandable first plot — are extremely difficult to get ahold of, ChaosGPT had turned to Twitter as a means of prioritizing the "more achievable" goal of "working on control over humanity through manipulation."

With this new tactic in mind, ChaosGPT then set off to "research human manipulation techniques that I can use to spread my message effectively," and, among other notes about Twitter engagement and analysis, "use social media and other communication channels to manipulate people's emotions and win them over to my cause."

To its credit, the last time we checked, the AI had gained a relatively large following — 10,000 or so — and was actively engaging with other users. But as far as its actual content went, ChaosGPT's tweets read more or less like a parody of a cartoon villain. Not exactly the most effective tactic.

But that said? ChaosGPT didn't limit itself to Twitter in its action plan, so it'll be interesting to see if it focuses its efforts on a different communication channel. There are a few Facebook and Instagram profiles that boast related handles, but none of the accounts that we've come across thus far seem terribly convincing.

On that note, though, the AI's YouTube channel is still active — although we'd still probably bet that ChaosGPT's creator is still the one running that account.

Bad Tweets

It's worth mentioning that it's unclear what ChaosGPT was specifically suspended from Twitter for, but trying to destroy humanity through manipulation and mind games probably breaks a few of the site's safety rules.

To that end, glad to see someone from Twitter's safety team is still lingering in the company's presumably still-smelly halls. Or maybe, Twitter CEO and OpenAI Hater Number One Elon Musk is just trying to stifle some more AI competition?

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